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Statistics of All Changelogs

- There have been a total of 180 updates from IDP 5.6.1 to IDP 12.0.1
- 1440 total update notes
  - 95 major feature notes
  - 29 major bug notes
  - 821 feature notes
  - 495 bug notes

- 21 updates with at least 2 major features
- 31 updates with at least 1 major feature

- 3 updates with at least 2 major bugs
- 22 updates with at least 1 major bug

- 7 updates with at least 20 features
- 6 updates with at least 15 features
- 7 updates with at least 10 features
- 50 updates with at least 5 features
- 75 updates with at least 1 feature

- 1 updates with at least 20 bugs fixed
- 2 updates with at least 15 bugs fixed
- 5 updates with at least 10 bugs fixed
- 26 updates with at least 5 bugs fixed
- 115 updates with at least 1 bug fixed

Individual Changelog Records (highest major features, highest major bugs, highest features, highest bugs

7 major feature notes for IDP 10.0.0 (Released on 7/16/2015)

 - Updated to Minecraft 1.8.7!
 - A custom header/footer is now viewable on the tab list
 - Wooden trapdoors are no longer owned. Support switched over
    to iron trapdoors instead

 - Each world now has a world border added to it!
 - Items that are trashed are now saved and can be obtained
    for 30 days before they are wiped
   - /trash -view, -v will view all trashed items
   - /trash -timeleft, -tl will show how much time until the
     trash is wiped
   - The time will reset once all trashed items have been obtained

 - Rank colors are now back on the tab list!
 - Added bank notes!
   - Syntax: /bank -note, -n -amount, -a
   - Ex. /bank -note 500 -amount 5 will create 5 bank notes
     worth 500 vT each
   - Must be used on a bank sign on a bank lot in order to be cashed [i](/warp bank)[/i]
   - Avanilable amounts that can be used are 10,000, 1000, 500, 100, and 50

 - Golden apples have a slim chance of dropping alongside red
   apples when tree leaves decay
 - Wooden trapdoors are now part of the LockOutput flag
 - Added uncrafting recipes for iron and wooden trapdoors
 - /bleach now supports stained clay (/bleach -clay)
 - When voting on sites for innectis, IDP will remind you
   that you can redeem your vote points with the /redeem command
 - Players who die in custom inventory lots will no longer
   lose backpack items
 - Players who die on a custom inventory lot or a NoDrops lot
   will no longer lose backpack items
 - Added the new Minecraft 1.8 blocks to the transmute tool
 - When a bridge is closed it will break any non-solid blocks
   in its path
 - Removed a potential dupe with fishing rods and catching mobs
 - Barriers are now used in place of glass in the x-ray tool
 - The sound of opening an iron trapdoor is now broadocast to
   players in a 16 block radius
 - Gates now support the new fence types
 - When the last player leaves a world, all chunks are unloaded
   preventing possible lag
 - Renamed /toggle tprequests to /toggle AllowTP
 - Added /toggle InstantTP to bypass requests when players want
   to teleport to you
 - Prevented inventory item leaks from various sources
 - When using the x-ray special item, the original blocks come
   back after 15 seconds
   - Cannot use it again while it has been activated
 - /sethelm now supports banners
 - Banners had the wrong data value (inconsistency with naming)
 - withdrawing/depositing vT now takes only 60 seconds, outside
   of a bank lot
 - /bal output has been enhanced
   - Only displays vT in bank, vT going to player and vT from
     bank if there is a transaction in process
 - /stats also improved to not show vT going to player or bank
 Bugfix: The return result of all uncrafted recipes for doors
         was incorrectly a normal plank instead of that door's
         plank type
 Bugfix: Inventories of players entering/leaving CustomInventory
         lots were not being updated properly
 Bugfix: Fixed an issue where players would teleport underneath a
         half slab when attempting to place a block unsuccessfully
         near the half slab, if they stood on it
 Bugfix: It was possible to catch armor stands with the fishing rod

3 major bug notes for IDP 8.6.0 (Released on 1/4/2014)

 - Removed freebuild ([url=]World Download)
 - Renamed Creative World to Pixel World (required for a later feature)
   - Renamed /warp creative to /warp pixel
 - Reszone world size increased from 1000 to 2500
 - When TinyWEing with a full inventory, if TinyWEFullInventory is toggled, excess
   blocks will be dropped in the world
 - /lights could be used by anyone. This is a Super VIP feature!
 - Removed an extra space in chest lock protection when placing chests
 - When lotbanning %, if a time unit is specified, you are now told how long the user
   is lotbanned for
 - Removed TNT, water bucket, and lava bucket restrictions
   - TNT required VIP
   - Water bucket required USER
   - Lava bucket required VIP
 - The window for /supplies now says "Pixel World Supplies"
 Bugfix: All Item Frames with items in them were unprotected!
 Bugfix: Temporary lotbans would crash the server!
 Bugfix: Fixed a dupe bug in TinyWE when force setting blocks
 Bugfix: Fixed a typo for date when AlphaBlend first owned Innectis (/serverinfo -pmode)
 Bugfix: TinyWEing double dark oak slabs gave the wrong item
 Bugfix: TinyWEing top acacia/darkoak slabs gave the wrong item
 Bugfix: TinyWE caused an error when using it over a selection of water or lava
 Bugfix: It was possible to smuggle paintings, item frames, and leads out of custom
         inventory lots
 Bugfix: Peony, Rose Bush, Large Ferns and Double Tallgrass had the wrong data values
 Bugfix: Mob Arena was giving double the score for kills
 Bugfix: When breaking owned objects in a custom inventory lot, it was impossible to
         place them back in the same place
 Bugfix: When placing owned objects in a spot where IDP thought they were, it will allow
         you to place the owned object, inheriting the qualities of the original, instead of
         blocking it with "Illegal placement!"
 Bugfix: Fixed a logic error that would kick the owner and operators who were present on
         a lot when % was being lotbanned

29 feature notes for IDP 5.9.0 (Released on 8/22/2012)

 - You can now store books inside of bookcases!
 - Book text is now saved outside of a chest!
 - Goldys now have a backpack! Type /backpack to access (you lose the contents when you die)
 - When players are kicked/banned from lots, their last location is lost
 - Players kicked/banned from lots are told who kicked/banned them
 - Capturing mobs was restricted to users and up, now it's guests+
 - Mobs may be dropped off in areas that aren't lots
 - /who can detect if you spelled a world wrong (/who freebiuld)
 - You can claim forts in fort world with a command
 - Fortworld and Oldworld added to /who command
 - You can break some blocks anywhere in fort world
 - Upside down half-slabs and double half-slabs can now be TinyWE'd
 - VIP+ can now select a region
 - Effects didn't carry over properly when switching to or from fort world
 - Pages added to fort list command
 - Sidelog support for TinyWE
 - Forts regenerate on disband
 - Warping doesn't care about case
 - Elevators no longer give PvP immunity
 - New commands:
   - /statistics [player] = Get statistics on a user
   - /sethelmet = sets a helmet of a player
   - /shop = various shop commands
 - The shop system got a major overhaul, and new interaction handling!
 - Giants aren't the only huge mobs plaguing innectis anymore!
 - PvPing players adheres to line of sight
 - Guests/Users receive VIP notice if their play time is less than 2 hours
 - Crafting a book with a written book copies it
 - Dispensers can no longer dispense water/lava outside of a lot
 - When you warp to freebuild, you go to your bed, or spawn, if not found
 - When you die in freebuild, you go to your freebuild bed, or freebuild spawn if bed not found
 - When you die in fort world, you go to fortworld spawn
 - Bottle o' Enchanting may be picked up by guest+
 - Blazes spawn naturally, so they can give vT again
 - Auch! re-added on failure to PvP another player
 Bugfix: Capturing mobs with the fishing rod was broken
 Bugfix: You couldn't TinyWE pumpkins/melon/vines
 Bugfix: Dupe bug fix
 Bugfix: /lotkick % kicked the lot owner as well

21 bug notes for IDP 6.0.0 (Released on 9/22/2012)

 - Torch lights have returned, but with different behavior!
 - We have another secret, try to find it! Wheat is very tasty!
 - When a banned user on the whitelist joins, everyone is notified
 - Mods may toggle whether players request to tp to them with /togglerequests (/tr)
 - BanHandler has been modified heavily. IP bans should be tracked better now.
 - Giants can rarely spawn in fort world (drop 0-2 gunpowder)
 - Can't destroy some stuff in fort world
 - More spam prevention added
 - Dave is angered a lot easier now (he hates swear words!)
 - Players are penalized when logging out while in PvP
 - Items shot out of dispensers no longer cause lightning when their items hit a portal
   unless a player stands next to it
 - New flags:
   - NoLightning: Prevents lightning from striking when throwing an item in a portal
   - Bounce (admin): Allows you to make a [bounce] sign that bounces you in the air (1-10 intensity)
   - InfiniteDispenser (admin): Dispensers don't deplete their items when dispensing them
 - The ZombieAttack flag is now part of the Destruction flag
 - Ladders and vines are dropped in fort world if player can build
 - Performance enhancements
   - Reduced calls to expensive methods
   - Flattend down system code
   - Relocated heavy used variables to better locations
 - Players' permissions can now be disabled (don't abuse, you won't lose!)
 - /top takes moderators to the next level block
 - Mod rank obeys direct name lotbans (% doesn't affect them)
 - Players can now change the case of their name with /setchatname
 - Nether fence gates are now fixed!
 - Moderators may now use the clock to teleport, on all worlds
 - Ender pearls work without restriction in both reszone and freebuild
 - CTF changes:
   - Added swords to CTF
   - Added bows to CTF
   - Added blocking to CTF
   - Messages easier to read
   - When a game wins, the winner is announced, or a tie
 Bugfix: Fixed some text display problems in some messages
 Bugfix: When selling to a shop, vT gained from blocks/items not in the shop wasn't working at all
 Bugfix: Fixed a bad dupe bug
 Bugfix: Lotkick messages fixed
 Bugfix: It was possible to teleport to a lot with % banned
 Bugfix: Trying to stash an unknown material in a stash chest caused an error
 Bugfix: You couldn't /setprefix with uppercase characters
 Bugfix: Warping to bed location in freebuild/fortworld wasn't working properly
 Bugfix: Hitting a mob while sitting on it will eject, and do normal damage
 Bugfix: Sometimes you got a vanilla chat style message, and @ bugged out (this might be fixed)
 Bugfix: Farm flag did not prevent environmental damage for animals / NPCs
 Bugfix: Goldys couldn't use TinyWE on lots with % allowed
 Bugfix: Players couldn't use elevators in others' forts
 Bugfix: The sonic rainboom was creating real blocks
 Bugfix: Waypoint permission was wrong, on trying to break it
 Bugfix: Yaw wasn't loaded nor saved properly for waypoints
 Bugfix: Logging into a lot you were banned from now fixed
 Bugfix: Fixed an error while using invalid material on a sign
 Bugfix: /sethelmet consumed a whole stack if used on an item with an amount greater than 1
 Bugfix: PvP LoS removed, because it was too buggy
 Bugfix: /twsize command may have been freezing the server. Now you can't check past a certain size