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The current IDP version is 12.0.1

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Changes for IDP 12.0.1 (Updated on 3/9/2017) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: TNT now detonates properly with other TNT around it

Changes for IDP 12.0.0 (Updated on 3/9/2017) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Herobrine added... and giants!
  - They will replace every newly spawned mob
- Server is now in creative mode permanently!
- Explosions will destroy every block
- Blocks may be placed/destroyed anywhere
- Removed destruction flag
- Entities may change any block, unrestricted
- Builder's stick now usable by everyone
  - This is essentially the destroyer stick now
  - Right-click to cause a huge explosion
- Right-clicking entities will cause a huge explosion
- Entities will always take damage
- Removed farm flag
- All owned objects may be accessed
- Blocks removed by explosions won't drop items
- Added back laser beam items
- /lights is available to anyone
- Guests can now use the compass to teleport around
- All blocks may be ignited
- Water/lava flow restrictions removed
- Block spread restrictions removed
- Blocks may burn everywhere
- When arrows hit blocks, they will create a large explosion

Changes for IDP 11.1.0 (Updated on 1/29/2017) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When leaving channels, personal IDs are re-ordered
- Players in tron will not jump
- Invalid page messages standardized in commands
- Sea level of the reszone has been restored (fixes partial exposure of sea monuments
- When a guest completes the tutorial, everyone is notified
- Invisibility splash potions are considered harmful when thrown
- If respawning with a respawn lot, a safe location is returned, if the original spawn
  location is bad

Changes for IDP 11.0.0 (Updated on 1/15/2017) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Guests are now promoted to User when teleporting out of designated area (tutorial)
- The owner of a chest shop now uses the bank for transactions
- Added "Line of Sight Message" toggle to disable the line of sight message
- Waypoint changes
  - Added back 3 lapis lazuli cost which takes priority over the 30 vT creation
  - Breaking a waypoint will drop 2 lapis or 20 vT (added penalty) depending on
    how the waypoint was created
- Added Ender Golf game
- Maximum of 15 players can play QuakeCraft

Changes for IDP 10.10.1 (Updated on 1/3/2017) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.11.2!
- Creating a waypoint costs 30 vT instead of 3 lapis lazuli blocks

Changes for IDP 10.10.0 (Updated on 12/17/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Game additions/changes
  - Added QuakeCraft
  - Re-added Nosliw's Tron game and took out the blindness grenades
  - Added Hunger Games
  - CTF changes
    - Defaults to a win limit of 50
    - Added a scoreboard in place of showing the scores everytime
      someone captures a flag
    - Removed the code that teleports team flag to base when touched
      as this code was never used

- Updated description of /setlotname to show lot name parameter as optional
- Dropped valuta orb changes
  - Emphasized the vT amount in text when picking up an orb
  - To fix a dupe (at least temporarily) all vT is picked up in a single orb
    instead of multiple orbs
Bugfix: fixed a bug where ending a game did not properly remove it
Bugfix: Worlds like creative world and event world should no longer have weather
Bugfix: Fixed an issue where IDP sometimes alerts you to vote even though you already voted

Changes for IDP 10.9.5 (Updated on 11/27/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Voting was not able to give vote points

Changes for IDP 10.9.4 (Updated on 11/27/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed iron doors and iron trapdoors from opening properly in
        most cases (broken for some blocks still)
Bugfix: Fishing rod bobber was unable to catch entities

Changes for IDP 10.9.3 (Updated on 11/21/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Fishing rod changes:
  - Pigs with saddles are now transported properly
  - Llamas are now properly handled
  - Right-clicking with the fishing rod now works as well as reeling
    in entities did (currently broken as of the Minecraft 1.11 update)
Bugfix: Fixed horses misbehaving and disappearing when teleporting with
        the player and when transported with the fishing rod
Bugfix: Using spawn eggs caused a server error

Changes for IDP 10.9.2 (Updated on 11/20/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.11!
- Renamed /locate to /locateplayer (/lp) as a Minecraft 1.11 command
  has taken the name /locate
- The tab footer is now called "Innectis Minecraft Server"
Bugfix: Fixed the accept/reject links in request messages from failing
        to work and fixed the teleport request text from being malformed

Changes for IDP 10.9.1 (Updated on 11/12/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: /chestshop -list listed the lot as owned by the creator of
        the lot instead of the lot owner

Changes for IDP 10.9.0 (Updated on 11/12/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added a system that allows lots to be added to a chest shop lot list
  - New command: /chestshop
    - Use /chestshop -list to view all chest shop lots

- Setting example buttons in /setting and /miningstick have been updated
  for more clarity
- RestrictMinecart flag changes
  - Renamed to RestrictVehicles
  - Applies to boats as well
  - Operators are no longer required to damage vehicles
- Right-clicking a sign, where allowed, with the edit sign wand will
  copy the contents of the sign to your edit sign wand
- The Y coordinate is now shown with TinyWE selections and the "First"
  and "Second" words have been replaced with "1st" and "2nd", respectively
- Added /setshopitem to quickly add sell/buy listings to chest shops
  - Syntax: /setshopitem [item name]
  - Item name is optional. IDP will use whichever hand of yours that
    has an item in it
- Bridges can now have single slabs as bridge blocks
- Using /present without a present now presents a red message instead
  of a green one
- Creating chest shop signs manually now auto-adds "vT" to the end of
  the sign, if not already added
Bugfix: Fixed an issue which allowed vehicles to be damaged even with the
        RestrictMinecart flag applied

Changes for IDP 10.8.3 (Updated on 11/3/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Voting gave 2 vote points instead of 1

Changes for IDP 10.8.2 (Updated on 10/26/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Server performance may be much better when it comes to
  performing large TinyWE operations and activating bridges
- When acquiring flower pots with TinyWE, the contents will
  automatically enter the player's inventory, but if unable
  to acquire the pot or the contents, neither will go into
  the inventory
- Edit Sign Wand overhaul
  - /editsignwand changes
    - Added -blank (-b) [line] to cause a line to become blank
      - Leave out the line argument (/editsignwand -blank) to cause all lines to become blank
    - Actually check for the -v alias to -view
  - When using the edit sign wand with a sign, lines must be made blank
    in order to clear them on the sign
- Players can only name animals if the lot they are on is empty
  or they have access to the lot
- Added /die, re-adding the functionality of the former suicide command
- All lots that were loaded in dynamic worlds (not loaded on startup)
  are shown in green in /mylots and sorted at the end by lot number
  which will prevent confusion and sublots are shown in white
  instead of gray
Bugfix: Guests no longer have god mode!
Bugfix: The URL to the rules was not properly shown when messaging
        players during certain intervals
Bugfix: Fixed an issue where players were able to rename tamed animals
        that did not belong to them

Changes for IDP 10.8.1 (Updated on 10/17/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed the in-game poll system, as it was over 3 years
  old and hasn't really been used nor was its documentation
  very descriptive
- /channel -rename can no longer rename a channel to one that
  already exists
- Coal and iron may now be acquired by TinyWE where it is allowed
- It is now possible to remove ores with TinyWE by the use of -force
- Commands.html file changes
  - Various command descriptions/usage texts modified for more clarification / fixes
  - The table is now centered
- Fixed a typo in a /massremove message
- Stash chests using "hand" did not support items in the off-hand
- /lotcenter changes
  - Now checks damage state if used without lot ID
  - Now requires access to the lot in order to use it
  - Usage text is output only when the command is used with
    more than one argument
  - Lot not found message now applies to both argument and
    no argument cases
- You can no longer join more than 20 channels at any one time
Bugfix: Fixed the repeating server shutdown messages and
        internal server error that occured

Bugfix: Entering/leaving a sublot now shows the lot enter/leave
        messages with the proper throttle time if the parent
        lot did not have enter/exit messages or a PvP flag
Bugfix: Give signs did not output redstone signals properly

Changes for IDP 10.8.0 (Updated on 10/3/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- New changelog system!
  - When logging in, if you have not viewed the latest changes, will be prompted
    with a link to the new changelog
  - A new link to the feedback forum board will be provided as well
  - The /version command now includes a link to the changes for the current version

- Vote system changes
  - Better emphasis for the vote point count when you vote on websites
  - After the initial player vote message, another message will include
    a word that when clicked will display the vote site list
  - /vote will now have a clickable word which will automatically open
    the redeem window

- Miner's stick changes
  - Added a new command: /miningstick (/ms)
    - Opens up a window interface with two settings
      - Option to drop the blocks broken as an item
      - New feature: Option whether to only break the same block broken
        or break all blocks in the radius if size is 2
  - Removed the player setting "Stick Drop" as this has been applied to
    the miner's stick

- Gates can now contain more than one type of block
- When given an item using the server's give item command you are now notified
- PvP enter/exit messages are now shown as a sub-title for better emphasis
- lot enter/leave messages are now only shown every 7.5 seconds after displaying
  them the last time to the player
- /setting changes
  - Added a legend for enabled/disabled settings
  - Added a button to reset all settings to their defaults
- Changed all messages with hyperlinks to instead have a clickable
  word that will go to a website
- The Innectis favicon is now part of the commands list document
- The line of sight list should now be complete, but might need some additions

Changes for IDP 10.7.3 (Updated on 9/27/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- All players no longer have access to view and modify the settings of others
- Added farmland to the line of sight list

Changes for IDP 10.7.2 (Updated on 9/19/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Hunger no longer affects players in event world
- Added Hunger lot flag, which overrides the NoHunger flag as
  well as allowing hunger in lots in event world
Bugfix: Incorrect command description in /findrenamedplayer

Changes for IDP 10.7.1 (Updated on 9/12/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Pixel build permissions are no longer required when using the clock in
  the pixel build area
- When a player votes, the name of the vote site is a clickable link that
  will go to that vote site
- The dangerous teleport restriction no longer applies in creative world
- Fixed an issue with tab completion not working in some cases
- Potentially fixed a server issue with viewing sign shop chests

Changes for IDP 10.7.0 (Updated on 9/4/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Replaced the CraftBukkit server with Papyrus!
  - Modification of the Paper Minecraft Server specifically for Innectis
  - More info on Paper can be found here this link

- Overhauled the vote system
  - When a player votes, IDP will remind all players to use /vote
  - Removed link when player voted, and specified the name of the vote service instead
  - The vote command will show all vote services and will allow clicking on
    each service to allow the client to open the vote site in a web browser
  - The periodic vote reminder will suggest the /vote command

- Picking up someone elses dropped vT will output who dropped it
- vT pickup message slightly tweaked
- Line of sight no longer affects block placing
- If sneaking while trying to place a block onto an interactive block and the action
  is denied IDP will no longer specify trying to interact with a block as
  sneaking only allows block placing
- Item interaction checks now locked for the following actions/items:
  - Flint and steel (right-click)
  - Extinguishing fire (right-click)
  - Firecharge (right-click)
  - Repeater (right-click)
  - Spawn egg (right-click)
  - Pushing a football block (left-click)
- You can no longer put a CD in a jukebox if you can't take it out
- Modified the message if unable to manipulate a jukebox
- Output of /ver improved
- Fixed date format so that single digit dates won't have leading 0s
- When players enter a dynamic world (loaded after IDP has started) IDP will
  specify if it is dynamic
- All existing links mentioned in IDP messages are now white and underlined
- Fixed an outdated link that went to the old phpBB rules page
- Clarified /login's command usage text to properly indicate how to delete a
  password once logged in
- Lot enter/exit messages will no longer show if teleporting to a location that
  was in the lot you were already in
- Added command /findrenamedplayer to get the most current name of a player using
  any of their previous names
- /world will specify if the world is dynamic
- Removed the "vote" alias from /poll
- The "first joined" statistic no longer gets shown in /stats as the information is not accurate
- Using the /editsign command as well as the edit sign wand now allows the maximum amount of text
  to be placed on each line instead of a hard cap of 15 characters
- Modified the text when /editsign or the edit sign wand encounter text too long for
  a line on a sign

Changes for IDP 10.6.2 (Updated on 8/16/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Output of /mail -list improved
- Goldies can now use the teleport clock on lots they manage (instead of just own)
Bugfix: Fixed tab completion that didn't work past the initial command
Bugfix: Fixed being unable to use the teleport clock in the pixel build area

Changes for IDP 10.6.1 (Updated on 8/12/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Rain no longer affects creative world
- Waypoints can now be made in water and lava
- If the player has their portable light enabled, it will no longer switch off
  after teleporting
- Bridge changes
  - Added to deny list
    - Acacia leaves
    - Dark Oak leaves
    - All wooden door blocks
    - All wooden fences (oak was present)
    - All wooden gates (oak was present)
    - Iron trap door
    - Inverted daylight detector
    - Repeating and chain command blocks
    - Iron, coal, gold, diamond, emerald and lapis lazuli blocks
    - Purpur slabs
    - Podzol
    - Gravel
    - Workbench
    - Iron Bars
    - Glowstone
    - Redstone Lamp (off/on)
    - Dragon Egg
    - Sea Lantern
    - Hay
    - Free Standing Banner
    - Wall Mounted Banner
    - Frosted Ice
    - Magma Block
    - Normal Glass Pane
    - All Colored Glass Panes
    - Structure Void
    - Structure Block (all modes)
  - Slab changes
    - All double slabs are allowed
    - Single slabs were on the list but did not work properly and were actually removed
      from bridge materials as an existing exploit needs to be addressed before slabs
      can become bridge blocks
Bugfix: Fixed tools constantly resetting their durability
Bugfix: Likely fix for players online count in TAB list being misreported sometimes
Bugfix: Fixed a server error when players logged off in certain situations

Changes for IDP 10.6.0 (Updated on 8/4/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.10.2!
- The End is now available again!
- /setting now uses a window to handle all settings!
- /sethome disabled in the reszone
- The /setlotnr command has been set down to guests
  - Use this to re-arrange your lot numbers
- Anvils, brewing stands, and enchantment tables may be
  used by lot members
  - Anvil and enchantment table require you to have crafted
    at least one of each
  - Brewing stands just require lot access
- Dynmap changes and fixes
  - Labels now generate properly
  - Assignable lots are now properly shown
  - Last edit is now Last owner edit
  - Added last member edit to lot info
- Corrected command info for /twresize and added missing
  information to /twresize help
- Logging out while in The End no longer drops the entire inventory
- If on death no items are dropped, nothing is reported
- 100% items kept on death message is now shown in place of a
  different message

Changes for IDP 10.5.6 (Updated on 7/1/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated World Edit to 1.9

Changes for IDP 10.5.5 (Updated on 5/21/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed an issue resulting from the last update (trash didn't save being an issue)

Changes for IDP 10.5.4 (Updated on 5/20/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added new redeem items! Check out /redeem!
Bugfix: Updated dynmap, fixing an issue involving mobs freezing
Bugfix: Fixed an issue where a newly renamed player that joined
        the server wasn't showing the updated name properly
Bugfix: Fixed server errors with /refer and referring players
        as well as displaying players referred
Bugfix: Fixed typos with /refer
Bugfix: Fixed not getting all referral points from referred players

Changes for IDP 10.5.3 (Updated on 5/15/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.9.4!
- Goldy exclusive TinyWE features moved down to Super VIP!
  - Lot allowed use of TinyWE
  - Filling empty buckets with water or lava
  - Placing water with water buckets
  - /twcopy, /twpaste and /twclipboard
Bugfix: Wheat and beetroot were given to the player when being
        harvested with TinyWE in their seed growth stage

Changes for IDP 10.5.2 (Updated on 5/6/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- The End is now disabled while a bug is worked out
- If on death you drop 0 valutas, IDP will no longer report it
- Andesite, granite and diorite can only take up a page each in the trash
- The End closed temporarily while a bug is figured out
- Miner's stick changes
  - No longer available in The End
  - Portal, end portal, water, lava, end gateway and end portal frames
    can no longer be broken
- You can no longer use commands to teleport out of The End
- Right-clicking a horse or villager with the fishing rod will now catch them
  if they are tamed and you are the owner
Bugfix: You can no longer infinitely fall in the aether, IDP will teleport
        you to spawn instead
Bugfix: Anvils, brewing stands, and enchantment tables now properly
        restricted as before they would let players not allowed to a lot to
        access them
Bugfix: Beacons did not give off effects
Bugfix: Warping to locations with a tamed donkey with a chest caused
        a dupe to occur

Changes for IDP 10.5.1 (Updated on 4/29/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed deaths duping items

Changes for IDP 10.5.0 (Updated on 4/28/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added chat sounds! See this topic for more information
- Miner's stick changes / fixes
  - /sticksize now moved to right-clicking with the miner's stick
  - Removed size 3
  - Will now break all blocks that were the same as the first broken (size 2)
  - No longer mentions you cannot break blocks here
- /lights changes
  - Lava bucket now used as light source in hand
  - Jack-o-lantern now used as light source in helmet slot
  - Removed ability for anyone below super VIP to use it in reszone
  - The off-hand is now supported
- Winter wonderland changes / fixes
  - Now generates snow properly directly below the player
  - Snow/ice now generate on slopes
  - Candy canes now properly generate and only on ground
  - Can only be used when clicking a block
  - Snow is generated where the player clicked, not their location
- /setting -enable / -disable now changed to /setting on/off
- /tractor now works with nether warts and beetroots
- InfiniteWater flag mistakingly a staff flag, set to guest
- Removed timezones, they had no use
- Dates are now formatted in an easier way (May 15, 2016 as opposed to 5-15-2016)
- Periods in time such as in /stats will no longer show months
- Multiple flags may be set/unset at once with /setflag flag1,flag2,etc.
- Added moderator flag AntiCollision to remove collision of players
- Added emerald block to the football flag
- Anvil, brewing stand and enchanting table can only be used by the lot owner
- Update notification on login improved
- Stash chest changes / improvements
  - Now supports the off-hand
  - Fixed a message that incorrectly stated how many items were stashed to the player in
    player stash chests
- Off-hand supported in /massremove
- Transmutation tool cycles quartz types
- /sethome disabled in The End
- Bounce signs now have more appropriate messages
- Weather no longer affects the aether
- IDP will display an error on insufficient vote points when using /heal
- Trash changes
  - Dirt, cobblestone, sand and gravel may only take up at most a page in the trash
  - The trash contents are now sorted by item ID
  - Now resets every 7 days
- Falling into the void no longer teleports you to safety
Bugfix: When a user joins the server whose a member of a channel you're in, the
        channel join message would appear before the main join message
Bugfix: Fixed local chat message not properly being sent to the player that said it
Bugfix: Whisper receiver was not properly receiving a message
Bugfix: Lightning did not show up on any world but the main world

Changes for IDP 10.4.5 (Updated on 4/19/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed food not resetting on death
Bugfix: Miner's stick could break locked blocks and get
        drops from virtual blocks

Changes for IDP 10.4.4 (Updated on 4/15/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Transmutation tool
  - now changes blocks between block families
  - Removed quartz, end stone, and purpur blocks
Bugfix: Iron doors mistakingly sounded like arrows firing when being opened/closed
Bugfix: Ladders and stairs could not be rotated properly the new rotation was
        the opposite of the old rotation
Bugfix: /itemid would list air if nothing was in either hand
Bugfix: Fixed an issue involving drinking potions

Changes for IDP 10.4.3 (Updated on 4/13/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed a bug with end portals (thanks Aikar from the spigot community!)

Changes for IDP 10.4.2 (Updated on 3/31/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.9.2!
Bugfix: Fishing rod could not catch mobs
Bugfix: Fully fixed server crash with villagers

Changes for IDP 10.4.1 (Updated on 3/30/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When falling into the void, IDP spams less
- Added /myplot alias to /mylot
Bugfix: Partially fixed a server crash related to villagers

Changes for IDP 10.4.0 (Updated on 3/20/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.9!
- Transmutation tool updated for 1.9
  - Size can now be 0 again
- Using flint and steel on animals gives a cooler death effect
  - It now uses up durability (1 per use)
- Eggs and snowballs will now be returned to you if you hit
  animals on Farm lots
- TinyWE is disabled in the reszone
- The End changes
  - This world is now completely vanilla
  - Warping to The End can only be done in the reszone
- /wpset is disabled in the nether, reszone, and end
- Warping to the nether can no longer be done by warp command but
  through a signless portal on your lot or a lot you have access to
Bugfix: The NoPearls flag prevented the lot owner or lot
        operators from throwing ender pearls in it

Changes for IDP 10.3.6 (Updated on 2/22/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: The builder's stick was toggled with right-click instead of left-click

Changes for IDP 10.3.5 (Updated on 2/22/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Changelog link on login updated
Bugfix: Baby villagers captured by the fishing rod will no longer
        turn into adults when released
Bugfix: The builder's stick now only works by right-clicking blocks
Bugfix: The builder's stick should no longer spit out unable to
        break blocks just by quickly breaking blocks

Changes for IDP 10.3.4 (Updated on 2/13/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Refer command shows example command if using wrong referral type
Bugfix: All LoS changes were removed, as it was very buggy

Changes for IDP 10.3.3 (Updated on 2/10/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: /commandlist threw an internal server error
Bugfix: LoS should be better behaved now

Changes for IDP 10.3.2 (Updated on 2/7/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- New lot flag: NoNameTag
  - Hides the name tags from players
- Chest signs may now be placed on any face of the chest
- Players may now use /heal in place of /toggle HealthPoints
  - Removed the HealthPoints toggle
  - Still requires certain vote points per group
- There is now a "First joined" entry in /stats
- The /refer command is more clear on referring players
Bugfix: Last version notification on join could not be shown
Bugfix: Referring players did not work for offline players
Bugfix: The mining stick was able to break any block if single size

Changes for IDP 10.3.1 (Updated on 2/7/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When switching to the mining stick, IDP will show what its size
  is if greater than 1
Bugfix: Mining stick caused an error when used
Bugfix: It was possible to use the mining stick where you were not allowed

Changes for IDP 10.3.0 (Updated on 2/6/2016) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added the referral system back
  - New command /referral
    - Syntax: /referral [-points] [-refer [reason] [-u player]] [-list] [-unlock ]
    - Point system based on rank:
      - Three refer types: serverlist, forums, and player
    - Spend points on bonuses
      - Unlock a bonus with -unlock
      - So far tree felling bonus, allows you to break a tree by
        only breaking one log
    - Use -list to view the referrals of you or someone else
- New command for diamonds: /sticksize
  - Used to change the amount of blocks the mining stick can break
  - Size ranges from 1 to 3
  - IDP will tell you what the stick size is when switching to the stick

- You can no longer copy the contents of blank signs
- You can now paste sign contents onto blank signs
- Pasting signs onto blocks now orients on the block
  face instead of where the player is facing (for wall signs)
- Paintings/Item frames now break normally again
- Added a warning if unable to break hanging entities
- /bleach -bleachclay is now -clay (was -bleachclay by mistake)
  - Clay is now bleached properly
  - Bleach message has been improved
- /toggle ChannelFilter is now /toggle ChatFilter
  - Allows anyone to see filtered chat
- Added /commandlist [page] to view all commands you have access to use
- Added NoEscape flag to lots to prevent teleporting out of them
- Added -clear (-c) to /mail to clear the inbox
- Goldies can now set water if they have water buckets
- There is now a version update notification upon joining
  the server, if there is a new version the player has not
  played on
- Bonemeal can be used to turn clay and carpet into
  hardened clay and white carpet, respectively
- The sea level of the resource zone is now set to 50
Bugfix: Trees could grow outside of lots with bonemeal
Bugfix: NoWeather flag on lots caused rain to flash for a brief
        moment when entering/leaving them
Bugfix: /tpback no longer puts you on the block above where your
        location was

Changes for IDP 10.2.0 (Updated on 12/14/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- /warp command changes
  - /warp list displays a count of all warp types
  - /warp -warps (-w) displays the list of all official warps
  - /warp -lots (-l) displays all lot warps, first by
  - /warp -lots (-l) displays all lot warps, first by
    categorization, and then the frequent/normal lots that are
    not categorized

- Goldies can now use the teleport clock on their own lots!
- The periodic tip that mentions the website now
  mentions a forum instead
- Teleporting a player to a location will not send them
  to the edge of a block if the original safe spot changed
- /twclipboard -rotate changes and fixes
  - now doesn't accept 0 degrees or less
  - Must rotate at 90, 180, 270, or 360 degrees
  - Added support for all anvil types
  - Signs, Banners, and Skulls are now rotated properly
  - Most blocks that attach to other blocks are
    rotated properly
- TinyWE fixes and changes
  - Redstone comparators, redstone wire, tripwire,
    nether warts, activator rails, cocoa plants, cacti,
    and all carpets are now properly acquired from a
    TinyWE operation
  - Fixed a typo on an error if you don't have enough blocks
    to set an area
  - TinyWE can now return sign blocks
  - Tripwire, inverted daylight detector, farmland and nether
    warts are now returned as the correct item
  - Signs, skulls and banner data is now properly pasted
    from the clipboard
- TinyWE is now possible with the PixelBuild lot flag
- The URL of the voting site used when voting for Innectis is
  now broadcast to the server
- Local chat is now @ again
- The URL given in the period text that mentions the server
  rules was invalid
Bugfix: There was a typo in a lot reset error message

Changes for IDP 10.1.5 (Updated on 11/17/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Local chat changed from @ to @@
- Lot chat changed from # to ##
- If no one is on the lot when lot chat is used, IDP will explain
- Teleport requests (/tpr) are no longer possible when the requester
  is in the air a certain distance
- Resource World changes
  - Explosions affect all non owned object blocks not on a lot
  - Silverfish now burrow into blocks not on a lot
  - Fire may ignite blocks on blocks not on a lot
  - Fire may spread on blocks not on a lot
  - All entities may change blocks not on a lot
- Zombies can now break doors outside of lots, where allowed
- Villagers may now plant crops on destruction lots
- Non-virtual blocks will drop their item if allowed to explode
Bugfix: Dropping entities off with the fishing rod could
        suffocate them inside blocks
Bugfix: Ender chest lid animation did not play when opening ender chest

Changes for IDP 10.1.4 (Updated on 10/25/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Old World has been removed
- Elevators will only look for a block at the destination, not a sign
  - Removes requirement for "block" on the second line
- Elevator signs may be placed a block above the original platform
  or two blocks
- Added /editsign -clear (-c) to clear a line number
- Levers will turn off bridges/gates when broken, if the
  gate/bridge is open
Bugfix: Items taken out of item frames did not keep their
        durability or enchantments

Changes for IDP 10.1.3 (Updated on 10/5/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: IDP did not detect solid blocks correctly

Changes for IDP 10.1.2 (Updated on 10/5/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Tne transmutation tool can now cycle through leaf types
Bugfix: The miner's stick can now drop doors properly

Changes for IDP 10.1.1 (Updated on 10/2/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Broken special items from the last update should now work
Bugfix: A world border was not applied to the main world or the nether
Bugfix: The transmutation tool's size was 0-6 instead of 1-5

Changes for IDP 10.1.0 (Updated on 9/27/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.8.8!
- Pixel World removed!
    - Moved to creative world in a separate area
    - Defined by the new flag PixelBuild
    - New areas designated for pixel building can be defined this way

- The output of /setflag list (or ?) is now sorted
  alphabetically into flags you can set (green),
  and flags you can't set (red)
- Cocoa plants added to line of sight list
- Trapped chests may be used to give a bookcase an inventory
  - Bookcases that already have an inventory will give off an error instead
- Typing in # before a message will send the message to
  all players on the lot you're standing on, if applicable
- Removed referral points
- Removed broken member group code from IDP
  - This feature hardly had any use, or was really known
- Removed CustomInventory flag
- Item Effects on items are now known as special items
  - Some special items (transmute tool, christmas candle, etc.) have
    extra descriptions on them now
- Transmutation tool changes
  - IDP now remembers the transmutation tool size across restarts
  - Better description in lore
- Unused chest flag Filter removed
- Weather will no longer affect event world
- Bridges now only break crops
- Removed Rainbow Moderator rank
- Added Senior Moderator rank
- Bridges no longer activate by levers when breaking the lever
Bugfix: NoStructure flag was incorrectly named NoBridge still
Bugfix: The time when entering a portal until teleporting
        was much slower than it should have been
Bugfix: Server did not properly unload pre-existing chunks when
        the server initially loaded
Bugfix: It was previously impossible to TinyWE in top half-slabs
Bugfix: The transmutation tool was not properly rotating double
        slab blocks past smooth stone double slabs
Bugfix: When logging into a lot with a lot message set, it would
        show on initial login as well as after the player moved
Bugfix: Bridges no longer activate by levers when the lever is placed
        several blocks above or below the Y-height of obsidian
Bugfix: /twpaste did not handle stairs correctly

Changes for IDP 10.0.5 (Updated on 8/29/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Portals should have more interesting designs now!
- Source portals are no longer destroyed if unable to teleport
  to the destination because a portal is there

Changes for IDP 10.0.4 (Updated on 8/28/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When players teleport to you and you have the
  InstantTP setting set, you will be notified
Bugfix: The InstantTP setting was enabled by
        default, when it should have been off

Changes for IDP 10.0.3 (Updated on 8/25/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- All wall signs and portal signs that do not
  use the proper sign format will be auto converted
  upon being used

Changes for IDP 10.0.2 (Updated on 8/16/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- All chunks are unloaded when the server starts, since it
  appears they are mass populated when the server starts up
- Trash items are sorted after new ones are placed in or
  a player exits the trash window, if no one else is viewing it
- Max trash stacks increased from 80 to 5,000
Bugfix: All block logs were not removed from the reszone when
        it was regenerated

Changes for IDP 10.0.1 (Updated on 7/17/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Improved the color consistency of commands with lot lists
- Added flag AllowFireworks enabling anyone to place
  fireworks on lots they are not a part of

Changes for IDP 10.0.0 (Updated on 7/16/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.8.7!
- A custom header/footer is now viewable on the tab list
- Wooden trapdoors are no longer owned. Support switched over
   to iron trapdoors instead

- Each world now has a world border added to it!
- Items that are trashed are now saved and can be obtained
   for 30 days before they are wiped
  - /trash -view, -v will view all trashed items
  - /trash -timeleft, -tl will show how much time until the
    trash is wiped
  - The time will reset once all trashed items have been obtained

- Rank colors are now back on the tab list!
- Added bank notes!
  - Syntax: /bank -note, -n -amount, -a
  - Ex. /bank -note 500 -amount 5 will create 5 bank notes
    worth 500 vT each
  - Must be used on a bank sign on a bank lot in order to be cashed [i](/warp bank)[/i]
  - Avanilable amounts that can be used are 10,000, 1000, 500, 100, and 50

- Golden apples have a slim chance of dropping alongside red
  apples when tree leaves decay
- Wooden trapdoors are now part of the LockOutput flag
- Added uncrafting recipes for iron and wooden trapdoors
- /bleach now supports stained clay (/bleach -clay)
- When voting on sites for innectis, IDP will remind you
  that you can redeem your vote points with the /redeem command
- Players who die in custom inventory lots will no longer
  lose backpack items
- Players who die on a custom inventory lot or a NoDrops lot
  will no longer lose backpack items
- Added the new Minecraft 1.8 blocks to the transmute tool
- When a bridge is closed it will break any non-solid blocks
  in its path
- Removed a potential dupe with fishing rods and catching mobs
- Barriers are now used in place of glass in the x-ray tool
- The sound of opening an iron trapdoor is now broadocast to
  players in a 16 block radius
- Gates now support the new fence types
- When the last player leaves a world, all chunks are unloaded
  preventing possible lag
- Renamed /toggle tprequests to /toggle AllowTP
- Added /toggle InstantTP to bypass requests when players want
  to teleport to you
- Prevented inventory item leaks from various sources
- When using the x-ray special item, the original blocks come
  back after 15 seconds
  - Cannot use it again while it has been activated
- /sethelm now supports banners
- Banners had the wrong data value (inconsistency with naming)
- withdrawing/depositing vT now takes only 60 seconds, outside
  of a bank lot
- /bal output has been enhanced
  - Only displays vT in bank, vT going to player and vT from
    bank if there is a transaction in process
- /stats also improved to not show vT going to player or bank
Bugfix: The return result of all uncrafted recipes for doors
        was incorrectly a normal plank instead of that door's
        plank type
Bugfix: Inventories of players entering/leaving CustomInventory
        lots were not being updated properly
Bugfix: Fixed an issue where players would teleport underneath a
        half slab when attempting to place a block unsuccessfully
        near the half slab, if they stood on it
Bugfix: It was possible to catch armor stands with the fishing rod

Changes for IDP 9.6.3 (Updated on 5/13/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where TinyWE could acquire blocks it shouldn't

Changes for IDP 9.6.2 (Updated on 4/29/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Wet sponges may be worn by /sethelm
- Wet sponge may not be set as a bridge block
Bugfix: Inventories could not be accessed
Bugfix: Water could not flow at all
Bugfix: Waypoints could not be accessed
Bugfix: When the player left the world limit, they were sent to spawn instead
        of being sent back to their previous location
Bugfix: Water was not being placed back when wet sponges were broken
Bugfix: Water was not being soaked up when wet sponges were placed
Bugfix: Players falling from The Void did not get sent to spawn

Changes for IDP 9.6.1 (Updated on 4/24/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.8.3!
- Using /pvp no longer reminds you to use /toggle pvp
- You cannot place wooden buttons with TinyWE anymore
- Wet Sponges will also absorb water indefinitely
- Colored names on tab list removed temporarily
  - Will add back in another update, along with a special surprise!

Changes for IDP 9.6.0 (Updated on 3/23/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Backpack changes
  - Lowered to VIP!
- Goldy has 54 slots (double chest)
  - Drops 50% of items on death
- Super VIP has 27 slots (one chest)
  - Drops 75% of items on death
- VIP has 9 slots
  - Drops 100% of items on death

- Players can now quickly kick other players on their lot
  - Just take the stick and right-click a player with it
- Flint and steel may now be used by any lot member, not just
  those with op access or higher
- Right-clicking an animal on your lot with flint and steel
  will make it explode, yielding no drops
  - Use this to clean up any animals on your lot you don't want
    real quickly
- When sitting on a player, IDP will say who you sat on
- Added command /allowedlots to display what lots a player
  is allowed to
Bugfix: Adding operators to owned objects did not work

Changes for IDP 9.5.3 (Updated on 2/14/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Tamed animals that have somehow lost their owner no longer
  disappear on interaction
Bugfix: Some players names were not changed properly after
        logging in after renaming their account

Changes for IDP 9.5.2 (Updated on 2/4/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- The End may be opened by right-clicking a sign designated as The End sign
  - The End pot must be full before this is allowed
  - You may now fill the pot up while The End is already loaded
- Player name changes are now logged and may be viewed by /stats

Changes for IDP 9.5.1 (Updated on 1/28/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Improved output of /who
- Time doesn't cycle in aether, pixel world, or event world
- Added a bank sign to instantly withdraw/deposit valutas
- Added BankLot flag to accompany the new bank sign
- Placing podzol below farmland will instantly grow a crop placed on that
  farmland, either naturally or using bonemeal
Bugfix: Fixed a major TinyWE dupe that could cause the inventory to be
        duplicated any number of times

Bugfix: Fixed an internal server error when trying to add non-players to
        owned objects (#group which doesn't exist anymore, etc.)

Changes for IDP 9.5.0 (Updated on 1/4/2015) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- The End is now accessible!
  - Use the /endpot -put, -p command to add vT to the pot
  - /endpot by itself shows how much vT is in the pot
  - When 5,000 vT is in the pot, The End may be opened by staff members

- Typing in /home without arguments will use your first home
- The Lost Wings effect now displays a countdown until it deactivates
- On announcing player rank changes, the username now has the original color
  of their group before announcing the new rank
- Extra information on jukeboxes and note blocks is shown in /id
- Some information showing time now includes seconds
Bugfix: Fixed a potential issue where the NoHunger flag could kill players
        when teleporting off a lot in special cases
Bugfix: Fixed a dupe bug with TinyWE that allowed you to set infinite blocks so long
        as you had at least 1 of that block

Changes for IDP 9.4.1 (Updated on 11/30/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- You can no longer consume night vision potions while your portable light is on
- While Night Vision potion is in effect, you cannot turn on your portable light
- Kick message will now be shown globally
- Player rank promotions are now shown globally
- Podzol can no longer be acquired by TinyWE
- InfiniteWater disappear time increased from 1 second to 3
Bugfix: Fixed Night Vision potions from clearing on the client when moving around

Changes for IDP 9.4.0 (Updated on 11/26/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- /lights now gives you the night vision effect!
  - No longer puts a glowstone block below you
  - Can be used on lots you're not a member of
  - You cannot break another player's light anymore

- TinyWE is now unrestricted in the resource zone!
  - Lowest Y coordinate is 34 (you can only uncover iron and coal ore this way)

- /twresize now has the same syntax as /twshift
  - Before: /twresize -north 5 -south 3 -all 8
  - After: /twresize 3 north 3 outh all 8
- Rewrote command description of /twshift to match the new /twresize command description
- /tpback now switches between your last location and your current one
- Using the fishing rod to drop mobs off on a NoMobs/NoMonsters lot now will not work
- Restart time adjusted to 24 hours
Bugfix: Lot flags were not being detected from parent lots to their children
Bugfix: Fixed unable to switch a leaf block with another one via TinyWE
Bugfix: Fixed a bug where your inventory quickly switches from main inventory
        to custom when passing between one CustomInventory lot and another
Bugfix: Fixed some grammar in TinyWE when you don't have enough blocks to
        finish a selection
Bugfix: Fixed an issue that would make it look like a player lost a block when
        right-clicking waypoint blocks
Bugfix: The Magic Flower effect was not including more flowers when leaving a
        trail where the player walked
Bugfix: Dispensers did not check lot permissions when dispensing blocks
Bugfix: The data value for double spruce slabs and double birch slabs was switched
Bugfix: When placing the last torch in hand, if your light was on, it would turn
        off, even if you were wearing glowstone

Changes for IDP 9.3.5 (Updated on 11/11/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed the broken official shop (not chest shops!)
- Added /toggle ChannelFilter to toggle the use of the chat filter in channels per player
- Flower Burst item now supports more flowers
Bugfix: IDP should not crash while resetting large lots
Bugfix: Fixed a chat bug that occurs with special chat messages

Changes for IDP 9.3.4 (Updated on 10/6/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- /twrotate now uses the player's max selection size
- Fixed /findobject -bookcases causing an internal server error
- Teleporting changes
  - When teleporting to another player you are placed behind the block opposite of the
    direction they are looking in
  - If you cannot be teleported behind them you are teleported in the same location as them
- When getting sent to a random location after entering an end portal (The End unloaded)
  if you couldn't teleport to the destination, IDP now sends you to spawn
- Transmute tool changes:
  - Dirt -> Podzol -> Grass
  - Added missing toggle for red sand
  - All log types work properly (Jungle to Acacia works, despite differing IDs)
  - Added all stair types to the transmute tool
  - Removed leaves support, as they work differently
  - Added support for all half slabs and full slabs
  - Added support for all stone bricks
  - Added stained glass and glass pane support, plus normal glass panes
    - The normal glass/panes transition to colored and vice versa
  - Added support for cobblestone/mossy cobblestone
- The teleport clock can now be used in the Aether and creative world
  - Restriction is on lots players do not have access to
- PvP flag no longer restricted from being set on sublots
- Stash chests now show how much of each item was stashed
Bugfix: When using /tpr on a player that wasn't in the damage state, IDP wouldn't care
        if they got damaged if the target accepted the teleport
Bugfix: /twrotate could transmute some blocks
Bugfix: /twrotate could not rotate acacia or dark oak logs
Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could overwrite a player's inventory
Bugfix: The achievement We Need To Go Deeper could not be awarded
Bugfix: Using fire on top of netherrack bridges was not working

Changes for IDP 9.3.3 (Updated on 8/17/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: There was an error when teleporting in some cases

Changes for IDP 9.3.2 (Updated on 8/16/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When entering a NoPotion lot, all existing potion effects are removed
- NoHunger flag changes:
  - When entering a lot with this flag, your original hunger and health will be preserved
  - When leaving a lot with this flag, your original hunger and health will be restored
Bugfix: Playing domination made it impossible for anyone to place/break blocks
Bugfix: Lot flags / greet / exit messages are now applied immediately when entering/exiting
        a lot, instead of previously having to move a little before
Bugfix: Player food levels was incorrectly double that of what it should be
Bugfix: Doing /listlots on invalid players was not returning an error message
Bugfix: /twcopy was not working in creative world
Bugfix: With the torchlight on, placing the last torch in hand would not cause the light
        to disappear
Bugfix: When taking glowstone off your helmet slot, any existing torchlight would
not disappear

Changes for IDP 9.3.1 (Updated on 7/21/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When leaving creative world, all potion effects are removed
- TinyWE in creative world doesn't require that the player have the blocks
- When lotbanning a player, they are also removed from the operator/member list, if
  they are a part of it
- Mobs do not spawn naturally in creative world anymore
- Waypoints now function properly in creative world
Bugfix: The world border wasn't properly calculated
Bugfix: The ignored player list was not showing properly
Bugfix: Staff request count was obtained incorrectly, and shown to every player on login

Changes for IDP 9.3.0 (Updated on 7/18/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10
- Added Creative World
- Increased pixel world size from 500x500 to 1000x1000
- When whispering more than one person, the names whispered will be
  grouped together along with the whisper message
- IDP will now distinguish between a regular whisper and a reply
- Channel names now pass through the chat filter
- Placing "block" on the second line of an elevator sign will use a solid block at
  the destination without looking for the usual sign
- Yaw/pitch remembered always when teleporting
  - This has been set back to how it was originally, but still needs to be tweaked
- /toggle ValutaMsg will toggle whether you receive a message for gaining valutas
  from ore blocks
- It's no longer possible to place/break blocks outside the world border
- Lot members can now paste sign contents
- lit redstone lamps are now converted to unlit when TinyWE'd
Bugfix: When replying to a whisper with /r, the message was not italicised
Bugfix: /gtl did not work with partial names of players who were offline
Bugfix: When sending money to another player, you were given the message about receiving
        the money instead of the other player
Bugfix: Effects from lot flags did not affect players when teleporting into them
Bugfix: TinyWE removed items if the player tried to modify a lit redstone lamp without -force

Changes for IDP 9.2.5 (Updated on 7/5/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added more aliases to materials to make more consistency
  - Planks:
    - Acacia: acaciawood, acaciaplanks
    - Dark Oak: darkoakwood, darkoakplanks
  - Saplings:
    - Acacia Sapling: asapling, aseedling
    - Dark Oak Sapling: dosapling, doseedling
  - Brick Stairs: brickstair
  - Stone Brick Stairs: stonebrickstair
  - Sandstone Stairs: sandstonestair, sandstairs, sandstair
  - Spruce Stairs: sprucestair
  - Birch Stairs: birchstair
  - Jungle Stairs: junglestair
  - Quartz Stairs: quartzstair
  - Leaves
    - Acacia Leaves: aleaves, aleaf
    - Dark Oak Leaves: doleaves, doleaf
  - Acacia Stairs: acaciastair
  - Dark Oak Stairs: darkoakstair
- Adding "backpack" to the 2nd line of a stash chest will allow goldies to
  stash the items from their backpack into a chest
Bugfix: There was a bug resyncing double chests

Changes for IDP 9.2.4 (Updated on 6/27/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Ender Chests could not save their contents when modified

Changes for IDP 9.2.3 (Updated on 6/16/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed an excessive dot from lotban messages
Bugfix: Lotbans were not working
Bugfix: Players no longer glitch out after being lotbanned

Bugfix: Using wool by name no longer turns it black
Bugfix: Removed an accidental message when IDP sends you to a random location
        after jumping into an end portal if The End is not loaded
Bugfix: IDP no longer causes an error if using /sorttest on a corrupt chest

Changes for IDP 9.2.2 (Updated on 6/12/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Fall damage does not prevent you from tping anymore
Bugfix: There was an error when trying to tp in some cases
Bugfix: The -view, -v arguments to /stafflist were not added properly
Bugfix: There was a typo in the /chlist command when offline players were not shown

Changes for IDP 9.2.1 (Updated on 6/11/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Staff requests could not load or save properly

Changes for IDP 9.2.0 (Updated on 6/11/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.7.9!
- Whispers now have an italicised effect
- Support for partial names of already online players added for more commands
- Non-existant players cannot vote for the server
- /editsign supports %color%s now, making it much easier to work with colors!
  - The edit sign wand now supports this too
  - This is also supported in the edit sign window
- Fixed up the /chlist command and added channel count
- /chlist now accepts a -showoffline (-so) argument which will show offline players
  - By default no offline players are shown in the channel list
- /chlist -mychans improved slightly
- Some TinyWE messages improved
  - Added missing result text to /twwalls
- Added some lore to a present when it is made
- The contents of a present are given when opening it
- Restart time set to 12 hours
  - Notifications at most will happen 30 minutes till restart
Bugfix: Spawn point of double slabs wouldn't work properly in some cases
Bugfix: Mob spawners didn't give vT when broken in the nether
Bugfix: Trapdoors did not load properly
Bugfix: The message for valutas transferred to bank wasn't showing the amount properly
Bugfix: Added a space in the withdraw message for the bank
Bugfix: LigthGreenWool -> LightGreenWool
Bugfix: Presents had a bug where they couldn't be given to the player who made them

Changes for IDP 9.1.3 (Updated on 4/20/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Elevator destination wasn't found properly
Bugfix: It was possible to get past the NoTeleport flag on a lot that had an official warp
        within the lot
Bugfix: When denied from placing blocks, the client won't wipe the item from the inventory
Bugfix: /login -delete after logged in was not working at all

Changes for IDP 9.1.2 (Updated on 4/18/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Nether quartz ore now takes 6 blocks to get 1 vT
- Emerald ore now gives 8 vT
Bugfix: Diamond blocks couldn't be insta-mined in pixel world
Bugfix: The correct vT value was not shown when trying to teleport
        from the nether without the right amount of vT
Bugfix: Text for new players joining the server wasn't showing

Changes for IDP 9.1.1 (Updated on 4/12/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Date format re-ordered in /serverinfo -pmode
- Modified the time valutas go into/from the bank from 30-90 minutes to 5-20 minutes
- When a player is damaged, they cannot teleport for 10 seconds
- /tpr command description updated to account for valuta requirement instead of gunpowder
- CTF fixes and changes
  - it wasn't possible to damage players at all
  - Players who weren't even in the game were listed as leaving the game when they left
    the lot, or died
  - Damage was increased if the player simply had a bow in hand, instead of if they
- Guests may now make use of the /lotcenter command
  shot a player using the bow
Bugfix: Wrong value was mentioned when paying valutas to teleport from the nether
Bugfix: /tpback did not check if the player was damaged

Changes for IDP 9.1.0 (Updated on 4/6/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.7.5!
- Econonmy changes:
  - Valutas are gained by mining blocks instead of killing entities
  - When players die they drop half their valutas in the form of experience orbs
  - Players may now teleport out of the nether for 400 valutas
    - Diamond rank teleports out for free
  - Sending/receiving valutas to/from the bank are put in a 30-90 minute queue to
    stop instant transfers
  - Previous valuta balances have been wiped!

- Capture The Flag fixed!
- Domination fixed!
- Removed minigame world! Download the world here
- Periodic lag every 10 minutes should not show up anymore
- Players may now check their own staff requests (/staffrequest -list)
  - On login, IDP will say if you have any pending staff requests
  - Added alias to /staffrequest -read (-r) (-view, -v)
- IceMelt flag has been renamed to NoMelt
  - Ice/Snow will melt by default unless this flag is set on a lot
- TinyWE changes
  - Water/Lava may be removed when TinyWE'd from goldies without using buckets
  - TinyWE will show how many blocks were not removed from TinyWE that may be
    cleared using the -force argument
  - The "too full to enter inventory" message has been removed, as this is one
    of the criteria for blocks ignored
  - TinyWE will also show how many blocks were explicitly ignored (cannot be removed
    using the -force argument)
  - Ice and packed ice removed from TinyWE acquisition
  - Removed the TinyWEFullInventory setting as more -force options have been added
- /twpaste changes
  - When pasting a copy, if a block in the way of the paste cannot go into your
    inventory, it will be left alone
  - IDP will explain how many blocks couldn't go into the player's inventory when
    pasting blocks
- You can no longer rotate beds with /twrotate
- Removed /ignore -list as it is a duplicate of /ignored
- Restart time set to 8 hours
  - Notification at 7 hours added
- You can no longer build outside lots in Natural World
- /bleachwool renamed to /bleach
  - Supports bleaching carpets now
  - Added -wool, -w and -carpet, -c options to /bleach
  - Fixed a bug where it did not detect if you didn't have anything in your hand
- Removed the mob cap for all worlds
- Diamond rank gets 5 homes
- Instead of requiring 3 gunpowder (1 if Super VIP) to teleport, it now costs
  50 vT (35 vT if Super VIP) to teleport
- Added command /vtsink to track how many values were removed from the economy
  - Currently, valutas removed include:
    - Teleporting from inside nether
    - Adding valutas to The End pot
    - Starting an auto harvester
    - Teleporting that requires vT be taken from a player
- Missed a few memory leak spots
- Sulphur renamed to gunpowder
Bugfix: Fixed interactions not being cancelled when clicking on a give sign
        while holding a block
Bugfix: doors could be duped with /twrotate
Bugfix: You can no longer teleport inside of a fence block by teleporting to yourself
Bugfix: The transmutation effect wasn't transmuting blocks
Bugfix: Anyone could give a bookcase a chest and get an owned bookcase, even if not on
        a lot they owned
Bugfix: When a repeater activated due to a give sign its orientation would reset

Changes for IDP 9.0.10 (Updated on 3/25/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Give sign effect changed from ender signal to smoke
Bugfix: Give signs really fixed

Changes for IDP 9.0.9 (Updated on 3/25/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Squashed a massive memory leak
- Sign shops can no longer have an amount less than 1
Bugfix: Fixed a server crash from pushing football blocks
Bugfix: Fixed the wildcard system, responsible for at least one known bug:
        - /bleachwool -all did not work

Changes for IDP 9.0.8 (Updated on 3/6/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- You can no longer kick or ban yourself from your lot
- Entity tracking has been added for staff
- Updated the description for a lot of commands
  - Tractor left the original crop data when harvesting
  - TinyWE would set odd blocks when changing one to the other
Bugfix: Fixed a bug that wouldn't set a block's data if
        the data was 0 (responsible for at least two known bugs)
Bugfix: yaw/pitch now behave correctly when teleporting. The changes were
        reverted, to be added back later with more research attempted
Bugfix: Ender chests sometimes bugged for people
Bugfix: When logging into the aether or pixel world, flight
        was not applied

Changes for IDP 9.0.7 (Updated on 2/23/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Performed some more tuning

Changes for IDP 9.0.6 (Updated on 2/18/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: All insta-break blocks in pixel world did not instantly break

Changes for IDP 9.0.5 (Updated on 2/17/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Joinban players will have the information text shown in red instead of yellow
- You can no longer override PvP setting by throwing a damaging potion
  while sneaking on an interactable block
Bugfix: Fixed removing doors not allowing you to replace the door
Bugfix: Fixed a server error while using a potion without clicking a block

Changes for IDP 9.0.4 (Updated on 2/14/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- When acquiring an item using /redeem, if your inventory was too full to accept the item
  you won't lose vote points
- Added an alias of "pink" to the color "light purple"
- Alias to /channel -giveup (-gu) is -setowner (-so)
- Added rails and powered restone comparator support for /twrotate
  - You can no longer rotate attached blocks (button, lever, ladder, etc.)
- /supplies for pixel world:
  - Added 16 signs to /supplies in pixel world
  - Removed emerald and lapis lazuli blocks
  - Added stained glass for goldies
Bugfix: Lots that get reset no longer sometimes ruin the area outside the lot

Changes for IDP 9.0.3 (Updated on 2/10/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added /ignore -list to view ignored players
- Added /unignore -all to clear a player's ignored player list
Bugfix: Fixed an issue when a player died while dropping backpack items

Changes for IDP 9.0.2 (Updated on 2/10/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Trapdoors are now properly recognized on a lot resync
- /cmdinfo respawnlot now says "personal lot ID" instead of "lot ID" for the argument
- Guest-Goldy can't set home in nether anymore
- TinyWEFullInventory tweaks
  - It will now leave the block alone if it can't go into your inventory
- Improved the output of /twset, /twwalls, /twoutline and /twreplace
  - The material name is shown instead of the ID and data
  - Blocks total, blocks processed, and blocks changed will be shown
  - If TinyWEFullInventory was set and some blocks did not go into your inventory
    because it was full, IDP will display how many were ignored
- /twoutline, /twwalls, /twset, /twreplace, /twcopy and /twpaste disabled
  in reszone, for now (this is not permanent)
- Ores may be removed from the world with TinyWE using the -force argument
  - They won't go into your inventory

Changes for IDP 9.0.1 (Updated on 2/7/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed a bug in TinyWE where you would lose items
Bugfix: Fixed doors not opening when right-clicking the bottom block
Bugfix: Fixed gates extending to the max length despite not having enough
        actual gate material
Bugfix: Fixed waypoints not loading correctly on server start

Changes for IDP 9.0.0 (Updated on 2/5/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Major IDP maintenance!
  - Large parts of IDP have been modified
  - Excess overhead overall has been minimized
  - TinyWE should be improved in terms of performance

- Super VIPs can now choose to respawn at any of their lots instead of
  main world spawn! Simply use /respawnlot to set!

- Added new Diamond rank for users who have contributed to the server
  in a very significant way!

- Re-added the Aether! Changes since last time:
  - No ores generate
  - Users may fly in this world
  - No one can build outside lots
  - World size increased from 1,000 to 2,000

- User lot sizes increased from 30x30 to 50x50!
- On login, if your personalized PvP setting is on, IDP will tell you
- New alias to /pvp -> /toggle pvp
  - IDP will tell you to use /toggle pvp if you use /pvp instead
- TeamSpeak server notice removed
- Warp messages now more standardized with other messages
- Missing angled bracket in /warp usage text
- Added a timely reminder indicating our website URL
- No more gender inequality! he/him -> they/them
- When using a waypoint with no location set, if you own the waypoint, it will
  tell you how to set a location
- Removed /suicide command
- Removed Fortress Defense
- Bridge update:
  - All bridge blocks that should be allowed are now supported
  - Changed default bridge material from oak plank to cobblestone
- Added colored glass panes to gates
- SandStairs -> SandstoneStairs (for those who use material names for stuff)
- Showcase flag moved from VIP to GUEST
- Unforced waypoints will not drop resources if broken on a custom inventory lot
- Glass pane, colored glass, and colored glass panes can no longer be acquired
  by using TinyWE
- /countitem may be used by all chest members
- All members to a chest may use it as a stash chest, instead of just the owner
- Player groups and member groups can set player homes on lots
- Owned object operator additions (for objects they operate):
  - Missing /lotunban ability
  - Set homes on lots
  - Set locations of waypoint destinations
    - If on a lot, the player has to at least operate the lot
  - Modify signs over chests
  - Link switches together
  - Set titles on bookcases
  - Take vehicles with them when logging out on a lot
  - Catch and drop entities off on a lot
  - Place a shop sign over chests
  - Copy signs on lots
  - Use flint and steel on lots
  - Open up a chest you don't own on a lot
  - Teleport to a lot with NoTeleport flag on it
- Updated some messages
- Added colored glass to /sethelm
  - Silly comments when setting helmets removed
- Output of /ping command improved
- Shutdown notification now shown at 6 hours as well
- Added a message that is shown when the restart time is modified manually
- Revised /redeem
  - Added support for enchanted items
  - Items have been modified extensively
  - Items are no longer rank-restricted
  - Added two new aliases: "re" and "rd"
- Teleporting now remembers yaw and pitch instead of having them reset
- Chest count per rank removed
Bugfix: Player pings weren't being shown properly in the TAB list
Bugfix: Trapped chests could not be opened by members unless allowed on the lot
        the chest was on

Bugfix: Fixed waypoints not saving their locations on server restart
Bugfix: Fixed disconnected waypoint blocks from being broken
Bugfix: Ice couldn't be obtained by silk touch
Bugfix: The tab list wasn't showing player pings properly
Bugfix: Server restart time wasn't being shown properly
Bugfix: Server restart time would jump fron one second to RESTARTING NOW without the 1
        second delay in between

Changes for IDP 8.6.2 (Updated on 1/18/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed a dupe bug with TinyWE getting items back when you had an insufficient
        count of items to set the area to

Changes for IDP 8.6.1 (Updated on 1/6/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Paintings and item frames were not really protected
Bugfix: Breaking paintings and item frames sucked them into your
        inventory instead of dropping, if not on a custom inventory lot

Changes for IDP 8.6.0 (Updated on 1/4/2014) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed freebuild ([url=]World Download)
- Renamed Creative World to Pixel World (required for a later feature)
  - Renamed /warp creative to /warp pixel
- Reszone world size increased from 1000 to 2500
- When TinyWEing with a full inventory, if TinyWEFullInventory is toggled, excess
  blocks will be dropped in the world
- /lights could be used by anyone. This is a Super VIP feature!
- Removed an extra space in chest lock protection when placing chests
- When lotbanning %, if a time unit is specified, you are now told how long the user
  is lotbanned for
- Removed TNT, water bucket, and lava bucket restrictions
  - TNT required VIP
  - Water bucket required USER
  - Lava bucket required VIP
- The window for /supplies now says "Pixel World Supplies"
Bugfix: All Item Frames with items in them were unprotected!
Bugfix: Temporary lotbans would crash the server!
Bugfix: Fixed a dupe bug in TinyWE when force setting blocks
Bugfix: Fixed a typo for date when AlphaBlend first owned Innectis (/serverinfo -pmode)
Bugfix: TinyWEing double dark oak slabs gave the wrong item
Bugfix: TinyWEing top acacia/darkoak slabs gave the wrong item
Bugfix: TinyWE caused an error when using it over a selection of water or lava
Bugfix: It was possible to smuggle paintings, item frames, and leads out of custom
        inventory lots
Bugfix: Peony, Rose Bush, Large Ferns and Double Tallgrass had the wrong data values
Bugfix: Mob Arena was giving double the score for kills
Bugfix: When breaking owned objects in a custom inventory lot, it was impossible to
        place them back in the same place
Bugfix: When placing owned objects in a spot where IDP thought they were, it will allow
        you to place the owned object, inheriting the qualities of the original, instead of
        blocking it with "Illegal placement!"
Bugfix: Fixed a logic error that would kick the owner and operators who were present on
        a lot when % was being lotbanned

Changes for IDP 8.5.1 (Updated on 12/18/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed now useless book+quill to new book recipe (handling code was already removed)
Bugfix: oldworld's size was preventing some lots from being teleported to
        past the 3800 world size limit

Bugfix: Trapdoors are now properly removed when their foundation is broken

Changes for IDP 8.5.0 (Updated on 12/17/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Update to Minecraft 1.7.2!
- Noticeably improved part of IDP that runs very quickly, may address lag
- Added Natural World. Requires some setup before it can be used.
- TinyWE changes
  - You can't set sideways logs with /twset anymore, use /twrotate instead
  - When TinyWEing blocks that cannot go into your inventory, they no
    longer disappear from the world
  - Added -force (-f) option to /twoutline, /twwalls, /twset and /twreplace
    - Use this to forcefully overwrite a block that cannot go into your inventory
    - This does not include blocks that cannot be overwritten (bedrock, chest, etc.)
  - Trapped chests and piston extensions cannot be overwritten by TinyWE
  - You can now TinyWE on Y level 1
  - Added light and heavy pressure plates to the deny list for TinyWE
- Waypoints created without cost (admin created) will not drop the cost when broken
- Owners of animals may hurt them if the animal is on a farm lot the player doesn't own
- Removed written book copy feature as this exists in Minecraft 1.7
- Fortress Defense disabled temporarily
- Half door recipe removed, as it would not work in Minecraft 1.7
  - The full door requivalents give back the raw materials when crafted
- Reszone spawn creation disabled for now, Minecraft 1.7's biomes may alleviate the need
  for covering a lot of water
Bugfix: MC 30537 Flower duplication glitch
Bugfix: You can no longer get an arrow back after hitting a passive mob on a farm lot
        with an infinity bow

Changes for IDP 8.4.2 (Updated on 11/28/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- The /id command will print out player names on player heads
- The /twrotate command can be used to rotate logs
Bugfix: Fixed an issue with teleporting with owned animals

Changes for IDP 8.4.1 (Updated on 11/26/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added missing block change policy for /twrotate (now stops when max changes are reached)
Bugfix: Anyone could break the floor of creative

Changes for IDP 8.4.0 (Updated on 11/25/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Ender Pearls
  - No longer a rank restricted feature (VIP+)
  - No longer restricted to only lots you have access on
  - Now freely usable anywhere except lots with the new NoPearls flag
  - New lot flag NoPearls, use to stop players from using ender pearls on your lot

- New TinyWE command /twrotate, to rotate directional blocks
- Users may now use /changespawn to change their lot's spawn!
- You may now warp into sublots!
- Lot operators may now use /lotsafeadd and /lotsafedel
- /server -pmode now shows that AlphaBlend owns the server
- Various improvements to the code
- Goldies: When opening your backpack, the window title will be "'s backpack"
- New waypoint flag "hidden" will not show the destination location to users
  who do not have access to the waypoint
- Improved output when doing /id and not looking at a block
- The /togglerequests command has moved to /toggle tprequests
  - This is now persistent across server restarts
- You can no longer tamper with someone elses comparator
- Warping to lots and lots via lot names shows where you're warping to
- You can now break blocks at the second lowest level
- /chlist command
  - Fixed description
  - Added missing page indicator
- Spawning at a lot will not result in a drop to a player's death (if spawn is obstructed)
- Catch a couple issues with minigames, trying to figure out more information about them
- When staff use /tpr on a player, IDP will say who they teleported
- Using /gtl and /mylot will show messages
- Adjusted message shown when using waypoints
- When a waypoint is broken, 3 lapiz blocks will drop
Bugfix: Reszone had structures in the wrong place
Bugfix: Doing /thislot on some lots showed a Y height of 257 instead of 256
Bugfix: It was possible to smuggle items from custom inventory into your main inventory

Changes for IDP 8.3.4 (Updated on 10/18/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added lot safelists!
  - Command is /lotsafeadd , and /lotsafedel to clear
  - Use -clear argument to clear the entire safelist with /lotsafedel
- Mob spawn rates adjusted a bit
- Ignored players, balance, and time zone are shown when using /stats on yourself
- Cannot ride tamed animals you don't own
Bugfix: Ice could not be harvested by silk touch in some cases
Bugfix: Internal Server Error when trying to use a prefix in /setprefix with a space
Bugfix: Fixed a dupe with the fishing rod and server lag
Bugfix: Pigs on farm lots could be turned into pig zombies when zapped with lightning

Changes for IDP 8.3.3 (Updated on 10/7/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: TinyWE wasn't working properly

Changes for IDP 8.3.2 (Updated on 10/7/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- TinyWE has been re-enabled!
- The /tractor command now supports potatoes and carrots
  - When moving over a plant, it will be harvested and a seed planted
  (slight modification in behavior)
- Removed Din Wansa
- Lot operators may kill animals on a lot with farm flag set
Bugfix: Ice couldn't be broken

Changes for IDP 8.3.1 (Updated on 9/26/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: When players were sitting on you, teleporting was impossible
Bugfix: Killing mobs with enchanted weapons did not award vT where
        vT is awarded

Changes for IDP 8.3.0 (Updated on 9/23/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Update to Minecraft 1.6.4!
- Removed all wands
- Set hostile mob count from 20 to 70 in resource zone (too few hostiles)
- New command: /massaccess, allows or denies users to all owned objects
  in the player's selection
- Added -all option to /lotunban and /deny, which will remove all banned users
  or removes all lot members, respectively
Bugfix: Fixed a bug involving give signs with invalid lot owners
Bugfix: Internal Server Error in /stats command
Bugfix: Players not logged in could move and interact in freebuild
Bugfix: Arrows shot from infinity bows disappear on contact

Changes for IDP 8.2.7 (Updated on 9/6/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed tag minigame:
  - Caused inventory issues
- Removed item frame shops
Bugfix: security vulnerability enabling anyone to login as someone else

Changes for IDP 8.2.6 (Updated on 9/1/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Replaced /twwand with /toggle twwand [on/off]
Bugfix: Fixed strange behavior where client shakes when respawning sometimes and is unplayable

Changes for IDP 8.2.5 (Updated on 8/31/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Bridges were missing support for double half slabs
Bugfix: Fixed a few errors that seemed to occur randomly (temp workaround)
        Attempted bugfix: Server sometimes hangs during a restart
        and during manual restarts

Changes for IDP 8.2.4 (Updated on 8/29/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- /massdrop renamed to /massremove, use -drop to drop the items
- NoBridge flag renamed to NoStructure, and does not create gates as well
- TinyWE disabled due to a bug, sorry!
Bugfix: /sortchest did not work on single chests
Bugfix: Homes with no names were causing an error
Bugfix: IDP was not automatically restarting when it should

Changes for IDP 8.2.3 (Updated on 8/21/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Removed snuffles
- Animal protection
  - Cannot leash/unleash tamed animals you do not own
  - Cannot leash/unleash mobs in lots with Farm flag set
  - Horse inventory cannot open to those who don't own the horse
- Optimization of certain parts of quickly accessed code (hopefully faster now)
- Removed count signs
- Double chests should now be supported with chest shop signs updating the count of
  the item being sold, if a [buy]/[sell] chest had the same item
- Added new bridge materials:
  - Cobblestone wall (mossy cobble as well)
  - Stained clay (all 16 blocks)
  - Cobblestone stairs
  - Sandstone stairs
  - Emerald block
  - Spruce, Birch, and Jungle stairs
  - Quartz block
  - Activator rail
  - Re-added diamond block
Bugfix: Stained clay was not part of the insta-break list in creative world
Bugfix: Quartz slabs were not properly supported

Changes for IDP 8.2.2 (Updated on 8/12/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Elevator destination may have any non-solid block below them, instead of
  just air and it must not be fire or lava
- Changed message when trying to change someone elses repeater ticks
  (2nd year anniversary for AlphaBlend's IDP development!)
- /toggle tips shows/disables tip messages
- Fixed Tower Defense causing heavy lag and a few other issues
- Added scores for Tower Defense
- First waypoint flag: ForceTeleport, force teleports to a location
- ID of the lot pvp is set on will be shown in the pvp enabled/disabled message
Bugfix: Fixed potential for item duplication with the official shop
Bugfix: Fixed inventory wipe with snuffles bite
Bugfix: Fixed an issue where horses would duplicate
Bugfix: Fix error when trying to save inventory with potion effects on it

Changes for IDP 8.2.1 (Updated on 8/9/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added /sortchest command to sort chest contents
- Pets cannot teleport to worlds with different inventory types
- /allow and /deny can use player groups! Specify them with # before the name
- New flag: hardcore, which will ban a user from a lot if they die in it
- New command: /tractor allows you to harvest wheat around you for 30 seconds, costing
  100 vT each use
- New sign: [count], counts how many items are in a chest
- Health and hunger disabled in din wansa
- Health and damage disabled in minigame world
- Broken tools will automatically be replaced by existing ones in your inventory
  - If the same type tool doesn't exist, it will be replaced by a similar one
    (gold hoe for diamond hoe, as an example)
- Reszone will reset every 24 hours
- Added NoWeather and EternalWeather. EternalWeather will make it downfall permanently
- Temporary lotbans added. Use -t

Changes for IDP 8.2.0 (Updated on 8/3/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Minigame system:
  - Added turrets to Tower Defense
  - Dragon health bars remained after players left games
- Increase zombie LoS for Tower Defense
- Only owners can add/remove operators
- If you TP somewhere else while having sit animals, they won't be picked up
  if you use /unsitpets
- Added AntiFreeze tool to Din Wansa to remove snow from blocks
Bugfix: Fixed an issue with chest shops removing items being bought
Bugfix: Local chat could talk to people at relative coordinates in different worlds
Bugfix: Logging into Din Wansa gives flight abilities

Changes for IDP 8.1.2 (Updated on 7/30/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Minigame system:
  - Added Tower Defense
- Removed alternating channel colors
- Added hunger to Din Wansa

Changes for IDP 8.1.1 (Updated on 7/29/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed an error where placing doors did not persist across restarts

Changes for IDP 8.1.0 (Updated on 7/29/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added Din Wansa world!
- Minigame system:
  - Added "Total Steals" and "Top Steals" stats to paintball
  - Mob arena balanced a bit
  - Fixed Tron and Paintball grenades
- Lot owners can now appoint operators! See for details
- IDP will remove invalid homes. When that happens an automated message will
- Gates are more consistent!
  - Added glass panes and iron bars to them!
    be given to you on the location the home was removed at
Bugfix: Players were getting "server closed" when server kicked players off to restart

Changes for IDP 8.0.0 (Updated on 7/26/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Minigame system:
  - Don't use weapon charges after respawn
  - Added Tron
  - Nerfed tag points
  - High Scorers wear gold armor and get a nether star that makes a firework effect
  - Don't add to score unless game is running
  - Paintball
    - Allow players to restock from chest before game
    - Shoot firework before game starts
- You can now catch tamed animals with the fishing rod
  - Transfer ownership of them to other players with the /transfercaughtentities command
- Yoda died! ;(
- Set alternate channel color to gold
- You cannot make a staff request when muted
- Added /chlist -mychans to get a list of available channels
Bugfix: It is no longer possible to destroy blocks in the reszone spawn with TNT
Bugfix: Right-clicking tamed horses didn't show you the owner of them
Bugfix: Players could PvP each other while using an invisibility potion
Bugfix: Anyone could place and break leashes anywhere
Bugfix: The book was not showing the right statistics in minigame world
Bugfix: Players could take blocks off their head in paintball

Changes for IDP 7.15.0 (Updated on 7/18/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- New event framework, may be faster!
- Horses added to the instant capture list
- Larger portals will now teleport the player
- Minigame world:
  - Changed Paintball's jump pads velocity right when player steps on it
  - Increased grenade size
  - Paintball messages are more friendly
  - Paintball minimum players to 4
  - Added upgrades to paintball
  - New statistics to MiniGame world:
    - Top paintball kills
    - Top mob arena kills
    - Top mob arena wave
  - VIP+ gets more points from minigames
Bugfix: Error while using /unsittamed with owned horses

Changes for IDP 7.14.1 (Updated on 7/15/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Minigame world:
  Bugfix: Fixed a problem if a player got killed when leaving a game
- Owned animals cannot warp to some worlds
- Trapped chests, trap doors, and bookcases now protected from explosions (owned objects)
Bugfix: Buying/Selling any item with data on it (written book, etc.) would wipe it

Changes for IDP 7.14.0 (Updated on 7/14/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Update to Minecraft 1.6.2!
- Horses are now supported!
- Game system:
  - Prevent players from joining Mob Arena after round 3
  - Paintball fix: Don't increase kill count on live steal
- Only monsters get killed when entering portals
- Added custom effects
- Alternating channel text color changed to grey
- NoBridge flag works on a block by block basis (partial bridge support)
- Hoppers now work correctly on custom inventory lots
Bugfix: You can no longer keep from getting banned on a lot while riding anything
Bugfix: Arrows could cause almost infinite damage events if hitting a mob on a Farm lot
Bugfix: Long lot enter/exit messages were not getting saved if they were too long
Bugfix: Scoreboards/signs didn't update when games ended
Bugfix: Fixed typos in game statistics

Changes for IDP 7.13.1 (Updated on 7/6/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Anvils weren't renaming items

Changes for IDP 7.13.0 (Updated on 7/6/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Update to Minecraft 1.6.1!
- Any potions thrown by all living entities that are harmful will protect passive mobs on Farm lots
- Regular messages indicating our TeamSpeak server (
- Minigame changes:
  - Inform player of score increase
  - Signs show game scores
  - The book in minigame world shows the scores, not upgrades
  - New game: Mob Arena
  - Paintball:
    - Changed spawn protection time from 3 to 6 seconds
- Removed /dismount, you can use left-shift to get off entities instead
- New "Magic Flower" effect
- Mobs can no longer trample crops
- When teleporting, if you have any excess tamed animals, they are no longer tamed
  instead of being removed from the world
Bugfix: Votifier wasn't working properly
Bugfix: All potions were damaging animals, even on farm lots
Bugfix: If an IPBanned user tried to join, IDP called it "ip bammed"

Changes for IDP 7.12.0 (Updated on 6/26/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added MiniGame World!
  - Added 'DeathMatch' game.
  - Added 'Tag', 'Lunar Tag' and 'Space Tag' games.
  - Added 'Paintball' game.
  - Added a MiniGame shop system.

- Goldys can now use TinyWE Copy & Paste!
- The warp list is now ordered based on the number of times used!
- Lot owners can open any chest on their lot (if they don't own, cannot edit).
- Added Elena to the IDP to assist Dave!
- Added some fun for 10th July!
- IDP Messages are now more standard.
- The /me command is now purple for everyone.
- New lot flag 'NoMemberLogoutSpawn', teleports non-lotmembers to spawn when they log out.
- The /setentermsg and /setexitmsg commands will now specify if message was cleared.
- VIP's can now use sign effects (bold, italic, etc..)
- Placing 1 Quartz Block in crafting table will yeild 4 Quartz.
- Fortress Defence now uses custom scoreboards:
  - Names are now coloured (if alive or dead).
  - Different score awarded depending on what you kill.
  - Only players in the game are shown.
- Using 'Give Signs' now has forces a 2 second delay (to stop accidental double buying).
- Added 'Showcase' flag to chests, this allows anyone to look inside the chest, but not take items.
- Your backpack can now be opened with /bp as well as /backpack.
- Material names (such as shop) are now made more friendly.
- Chat Channels now alternate in colour, to make them stand our more.
Bugfix: Builders stick will now break the item correctly (if StickDrop is on).
Bugfix: The Teleport Clock can no longer be used in nether.
Bugfix: Spawners are now correctly disabled by torches surrounding it.
Bugfix: Mobs should no longer spawn outside the world boundaries.
Bugfix: When viewing pages of text, it is now displayed correctly.
Bugfix: Fencepost are now ignored by LineOfSite checks.
Bugfix: Breaking/Placing itemframes & paintings are now logged correctly.
Bugfix: Lotban messages are now only sent when a player is on the lot.
Bugfix: The 'Last Seen' in /stats is now correct.
Bugfix: Fortress Defence mobs didn't appear to take damage.
Bugfix: Some staff commands could cause players to crash.
Bugfix: Trapdoors could only be used if players were lot allowed.
Bugfix: TinyWE now works correctly with anvils.
Bugfix: TinyWE should now give the player comparators instead of comparator blocks.
Bugfix: Silverfish can now enter blocks on lots with 'Destruction' flag.
Bugfix: Fortress Defence shouldn't error attacking entities.
Bugfix: Names getting stuck in after play logs out.
Bugfix: Mobs should not longer accidentally die when teleporting.
Bugfix: A whole bunch of small issues/errors.

Changes for IDP 7.11.0 (Updated on 5/29/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Fortress Defense changes:
  - Increase Min light level.
  - Increase Teleport Home time.
  - Allow all spawns
  - Dragon breath does damage based on game level.
  - Added 'safe mode', players cannot be damaged when active.
  - Balanced out alchemist rates.
  - Fixed NPE with Team Chat.
  - Fixed Furnaces not changing state with Baker.
  - Fixed Enderman teleporting out before game starts.
  - This now uses the player's shop notification setting (/toggle shopnotifications)
- /chlist now shows online users count
- Some blocks that can be placed were not breaking instantly in creative world
- Half slabs added to LoS exception
- /listinv will print lots first, sublots second
- You can now send your pet back to your first lot by right-clicking it
  with a wooden sword. It will sit once teleported
- laser beams obey blocks
  - laser beams disabled
- When entering an end portal, you are no longer teleported to the same location if the end is not loaded
Bugfix: Add missing spaces to chest shop purchase confirmation message (if owner of chest is online)
Bugfix: Fixed another possible dupe bug

Changes for IDP 7.10.0 (Updated on 5/7/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Update to Minecraft 1.5.2!
- IdpFortress:
  - Interactive Blocks (Furnace, Anvil, Cauldron, etc) can be broken!
  - Blacksmith/Lumberjack/Baker/Alchemist get chests, signs, blocks and a stone pick on start.
  - Alchemists can create iron doors, which only players can open.
  - Added Enderman monster and some hidden ones for staff.
  - Added new 'rare' items for staff to give out.
  - Added 'cast time' to certain actions:
    - Creating armour via Anvil
    - Converting gold to diamond via cauldron.
    - Creepers exploding with gunpowder.
  - Left clicking with a bow crafts arrows (uses cast time).
  - Arrows no longer craftable via blacksmith.
  - Bugfix: Ghost mobs appeared in lobby and when changing class.
  - Bugfix: Items/mobs accross the entire map were removed.
  - Bugfix: Duplication issue with cauldrons.
  - Bugfix: Gold/Iron ore didn't drop gold dust when blown up.
  - Bugfix: Players unable to use item frames when revived.
  - Bugfix: Dragon Breath could crash the server!
- Stash chests will ignore hotbar with the exception of:
  - A material is explicitly used.
  - The word "allowhotbar" placed on the third line.
  - The word "hand" is put on the second line.
- Mob Economy changes:
  - Ghast: 15 vT -> 13 vT
  - Silverfish: 5 vT -> 7 vT
  - Spider: 4 vT -> 7 vT
  - Skeleton: 6 vT
  - Wither Skeleton: 8 vT
  - Large Slimes/Magma Cubes: 4 vT
  - Medium Slimes/Magma Cubes: 2 vT
  - Small Slimes/Magma Cubes: 1 vT
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug allowing a player to transform a potion into another via chest shops
- Bugfix: Fixed a huge problem that occured when player got kicked for inactivity

Changes for IDP 7.9.0 (Updated on 4/29/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added -info, -information option to the /channel command for members:
  - Displays name of channel, owner, if it's hidden or not,
    channel password, and list of channel operators
- The /chlist command will now show the (offline) tag to the right of a channel member
- You can no longer TinyWE ores
- /score command set to users
  - IdpFortress changes:
    - Added difficulty.
    - Difficulty scales monster items & armour.
    - Creepers explode larger & more powerful on higher.
    - Zombies gain picks on Hard and Insane.
    - Mobs gain better armour at higher difficulty.
    - Spiders jump higher on higher difficulty.
    - Monsters now released via command.
  - Monsters get night vision
    - Prefixes now show your class.
    - Decreased armour crafting rate.
    - Creepers explode on right click only.
    - Team Chat now functional.
    - On easy, creepers explode when hit.
    - Gold & Iron Ore drop large amounts of Gold Dust.
    - Increased gold dust rate.
    - Grass & Dirt don't explode.
    - Player spawn cannot be exploded.
    - Game auto ends when no alive players. if they are not presently online
  - Extra supplies for Goldys in creative when using /supplies
Bugfix: using /channel with a channel name composed of all numbers was not working at all
Bugfix: Fixed Internal Server Error on using /locate on a user that isn't online

Changes for IDP 7.8.2 (Updated on 4/24/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added missing LoS exceptions for:
  - Lightweight pressure plates
  - Heavyweight pressure plates
  - inactive redstone comparator
  - active redstone comparator
  - daylight detector
  - activator rail
Bugfix: Fixed a huge problem where warping to worlds with different
        inventories wasn't actually changing your inventory

Changes for IDP 7.8.1 (Updated on 4/23/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fixed a problem when using /channel on an unknown channel
Bugfix: Fixed a bug involving double chests and hoppers

Changes for IDP 7.8.0 (Updated on 4/23/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Guests will now spawn in a new tutorial created in the new world! To
  go there, type /warp tutorial!

- The per-player mining quota has been lifted!
- Channels have been greatly improved. See the chat channel tutorial!
- You can now throw splash potions that don't damage, regardless of PvP status!
- If a staff member deletes your staff request, you are notified if
  you are online
- You cannot access hopper minecarts on a CustomInventory lot
- Hopper minecarts are now supported!
- You aren't as likely to get a hacked account notice now, as the check
  has been loosened up
- Old world is finally removed
- Diamonds no longer sold (for now)
- You can simply right-click villagers with a fishing rod to capture them
- Entity damage will not affect peaceful mobs when taking sole damage,
  damage by other entities, and damage by projectiles on farm lots, as that
  case wasn't handled for everything previously
- New Fortress Defense game
- LightstoneDust -> GlowstoneDust
- Bookcases will only have an inventory if left-clicked with a chest
- New player setting: invertlocal, will invert the behavior of global chat
  and the @ character before a message
- Local chat radius modified to a range of 50 (previous was 30)
- Players respawn with full health
- Mob spawning reduced overall, to compensate for the ridiculous amount of
  spawning that was happening
Bugfix: You could not dismount the entity you were riding using a saddle,
        you could only use /dismount
Bugfix: Snow Golem wasn't making harvestable snow with GolemTrails flag
Bugfix: The beacon did not give off any effects
Bugfix: All blocks that allow line of sight exceptions were not working
        if their IDs were above 127
Bugfix: Players were not getting kicked off lots in some situations
Bugfix: Fixed a bug where muted players could chat in some situations
Bugfix: Fixed a bug where you couldn't put items on a bookcase
        while sneaking
Bugfix: Torchlight behaved erratically when breaking someone elses light
        (you had to switch items in order to get the light back)
Bugfix: /twresize directions were 90 degrees off
Bugfix: /transfercaughtentities was not working, and the receiver did
        not receive the entities from the sender
Bugfix: You can no longer sit on someone whose sitting on you (creates a
        nasty glitch where you both fly up indefinitely)

Changes for IDP 7.7.0 (Updated on 3/21/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Update to Minecraft 1.5.1!
Added freebuild nether!
- You can now specify how much of an item to drop with /mdrop [amount]
- /allow /deny /lotkick and /lotban take multiple parameters for player
  (Ex. /lotkick hretsam,nosliw,alphablend, /allow fred,jack,jane)
- New flag: NoTarget (moderators), prevents mobs from targetting you
- Enchanted books can be put into bookcases now
- Nether bricks no longer in shop
Bugfix: It was possible to leave the world boundaries while riding an entity
Bugfix: You could gain PvP points from killing yourself by damaging yourself
        with a thrown ender pearl near death
Bugfix: You could get vT from killing mobs in reszone spawned by mob spawners
Bugfix: Trying to TinyWE pistons was broken for both placing and obtaining
Bugfix: When moving from block to block with the torch, the original block
        was not being cleared, so you couldn't break the block

Changes for IDP 7.6.1 (Updated on 3/3/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Domination:
  - Improved medic heal
  - Fixed medic empower
  - Changed bar location for item slots
  - Medics now use ranged to heal
- Increased arrow spawn for ghast survival
Bugfix: Online times were messed up

Changes for IDP 7.6.0 (Updated on 3/3/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- /locate disabled in freebuild
- No longer rank restricted limit for tamed animals
- Removed:
  - TNT Cannons
  - Absorb chests
- Copy/pasting signs:
  - IDP informs what block is at the destination when trying to paste a sign
  - Left-click air functionality removed
- Domation:
  - Domination balances
    - Can only hit once per 500ms.
    - Damage values toned down/up.
    - Defence values toned down/up.
    - Added support for PvP Immune for fractions of seconds.
  - Domination fixes
    - Fixed NPE.
    - Min Players back to 1.
Bugfix: Ender pearls could damage players regardless of pvp setting

Changes for IDP 7.5.1 (Updated on 2/24/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Increased vote point requirement for redeeming items
- Ender chests can no longer be opened on creative inventory lots
- Stash sign fixes and improvements:
  - Putting "hand" underneath the first line stashes the item in hand
  - Fix for eating up excess items
  - Potions no longer turn into water bottles
  - Enchantments are no longer wiped
  - Player heads may be stashed now
- New command: /countitem to count an item in a chest
- Official shop system:
  - Prices in shop greatly reduced
  - Nether Brick added for 100 vT
  - Emerald added for 1200 vT
Bugfix: Player death in freebuild duplicated the "Freebuild: " prefix for
        every user on the server it was sent to
Bugfix: TinyWE returned the wrong item for some items
Bugfix: Elevators now work under NoTeleport lots
Bugfix: Fix for fix to not build on a bounce sign
Bugfix: Fix some items in ghast survival wave game

Changes for IDP 7.5.0 (Updated on 2/17/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Shop system had an overhaul!
- Bookcases are no longer destroyed in explosions
- Added an automated ghast survival game
- New TinyWE commands: /twallow and /twdeny, mass allow/deny users on
  owned objects in the player's selection
- New sign allows players to give vT to the owner of a lot by right-clicking
  a sign that reads [give] on top with an amount in vT below. Redstone current is activated if repeater is below
- New command: /massdrop that drops all items of the specified
  material from your inventory
- Players can't drop items in a spleef lot anymore
- Torchlight code improved, and you can now light up more blocks
- IronBars and GoldBars renamed to IronIngot and GoldIngot
Bugfix: Portals are no longer glitched!
Bugfix: PvP points were not being awarded when a player killed another player
Bugfix: If you whispered a player who was ignoring you, the last person
        who whispered them would get set to you
Bugfix: Villagers will no longer randomly follow players, iron golems will
        not attack them either
Bugfix: Trying to use "wood" as an identifier returned "wool" instead
Bugfix: The shop owner wasn't getting notified properly if a player bought
        from a buy shop
Bugfix: TinyWEing upside down stone slabs returned the incorrect item
Bugfix: Fixed "internal server error" when incorrectly specifying amount
        in /manageshop -setprice and -setamount
Bugfix: It is no longer possible to place a block while interacting with
        a bounce sign
Bugfix: Using home name instead of ID showed home ID 1 on teleport message,
despite using a homename whose home ID was not 1
Bugfix: health point regen was restoring health and removing vote points even
        if the lot a player used it on had the NoDamage flag
Bugfix: Breaking an ore block in spleef acted toward a player's quota limit
Bugfix: When entering a banned lot, IDP froze you, allowing you to "move freely"
        until you reconnected
Bugfix: Domation doesn't end for players when it shouldn't
Bugfix: Player damage animation fixed for domination
Bugfix: You could use a fishing rod on sheep and ocelots to grow babies into
        adults very quickly

Changes for IDP 7.4.0 (Updated on 1/27/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added command to get ping: /ping
- Code optimizations to attempt to combat lag
- CTF changes and fixes:
  - Players no longer receive slow effect when capturing flag
  - Doing /score shows the individual players score as well as both teams
  - Players may be added to an already-existing game
- Added support for upside-down wooden slabs
- Using TAB to complete commands will only show IDP's commands
- Renamed some blocks/items to look better. If this breaks some of your items in the
  shop, take the item sold, do /itemid on it, then remake the sign shop using the modified
  name that is shown in the output.

Bugfix: TinyWE did not previously support removing/placing upside down wooden slabs
Bugfix: Villagers were not breeding in the Aether

Changes for IDP 7.3.1 (Updated on 1/21/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Domination:
  - Re-added damage animation for Domination
  - Don't set traps too close together
Bugfix: Fixed a duplication bug

Changes for IDP 7.3.0 (Updated on 1/20/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Update to Minecraft 1.4.7
- Domination:
  - Balances teams if someone leaves
  - Max score set to 1,000
  - Fixed premature death messages
  - Added team chat (# before message to echo to other teammates)
  - Bows are less powerful now
- Admins/Rainbow can toggle the use of their inventories with TinyWE
  using /toggle tweinvuse
- When using /toggle, all disabled features are highlighted in red
- New flag NoBridge: disables bridges on the lot
- New command /request to request something from a player
- You can no longer set a home in The End anymore
- Mods can now set flags on lots they are members of
- The beacon's effects are now contained within a lot, or if outside a lot
they do not bleed into lots
Bugfix: /allow only worked if on a shop lot, or giving access to an
        owned object that was solely on a lot
Bugfix: TinyWEing cocoa beans now returns the proper item
Bugfix: /wholot did not work properly
Bugfix: Fixed an error when looking for a NoBridge lot

Changes for IDP 7.2.2 (Updated on 1/15/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added item frame shops
- Domination:
  - Ninjas don't go invisible at start
  - Warriors take more damage from arrows
  - Engineers cannot place traps with enemies nearby
  - fixes:
    - Death messages work again
  - Custom message for kill via ranged
  - Custom message for kill via trap
  - Fixed setting traps outside a lot
- /listlots prints out usage info if target not found
- Shop gives by default 1 vT every 32 blocks sold if not listed as having
a higher value
Bugfix: /lotban did not work properly, again!
Bugfix: Fixed a hopefully unknown exploit where anyone could set the
        price of an item in the official shop
Bugfix: Fixed material typos:
        Magneta -> Magenta, RedRose -> RedFlower, and all skull items have their
        own name instead of MobHead (ZombieSkull, WitherSkull, CreeperSkull,
        PlayerSkull and SkeletonSkull)
Bugfix: Shop lots did not load correctly

Changes for IDP 7.2.0 (Updated on 1/13/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added a vote reminder
- You no longer teleport on top of a waypoint if its location is not set
- Domination fixes:
  - Prevent right-clicking to find traps
  - Teleporting now works again
  - Correct flag region
  - Corrected flag interval timing
  - Don't set off traps twice
  - Correct death messages
- /wpadd command allows placing waypoint on snow layers, and disabled in freebuild
Bugfix: Jumping in some situations shouldn't be erratic now
Bugfix: Correct lot number on claiming lot
Bugfix: Fixed falling blocks not falling
Bugfix: Gates/bridges did not open/close properly
Bugfix: Requests did not time out
Bugfix: When kicking a user out of a lot, they were sent to the wrong location sometimes

Changes for IDP 7.1.0 (Updated on 1/7/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Added trap doors as owned blocks!
- Added /redeem command to gain items by trading vote points
- Sign shop changes:
  - Max stack of item sold is used if no amount is specified in sign shop
  - vT cannot be less than 0, and amount cannot be 0 or less
- Redstone torch name modified so it looks better
- The /id command can now show the Material name, ID, and data of an unowned block
- Domination changes:
  - Force teleport
  - Ninjas invisible in spawn
  - Added engineer class
- Added /signshop command to claim a chest shop
- When a user gets kicked/banned from a lot, they are teleported just outside
- When trying to /allow or /deny, if the criteria was already met, it will
  say so, instead of returning invalid use of command
Bugfix: Gates and Bridges now work again
Bugfix: Fixed an error when warping to certain homes
Bugfix: Users can no longer ignore admins
Bugfix: Edit sign wand wasn't setting 4th line
Bugfix: The /wpadd command could place a waypoint over an existing block
Bugfix: Bookcases weren't getting their members properly (affected /allow and /deny on them)
Bugfix: Signs couldn't be placed on other signs
Bugfix: The Innectis sell shop was broken
Bugfix: Incorrect usage text when using /shop -help

Changes for IDP 7.0.0 (Updated on 1/1/2013) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Update to Minecraft 1.4.6!
- Web cannot be crafted anymore, use silk touch on shears or swords for that
- new flag: LockOutput, prevents non lot-allowed players from triggering
  fence gates, trap doors, and doors
- Bonemeal used on non-white wool turns it white
Bugfix: Teleporting should be less buggy now
Bugfix: Selling items to the official shop didn't correctly show how many
        items that aren't listed in the shop were sold by the player

Changes for IDP 6.10.0 (Updated on 12/19/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Kicked players will now have their group shown properly
- Silverfish added at 5 vT per kill
- Info on entering a shop lot moved to /shop -help
- Added /toggle BonusMessage to display your bonus
- Added /editsignwand -clear to clear a line number
Bugfix: Guests will now receive items on join (longstanding problem)
Bugfix: If some lines of the edit sign wand were empty, pasting the text
        onto an existing sign left lines there that were not a part of the wand
Bugfix: Fixed an error while respawning in freebuild without a bed spawn

Changes for IDP 6.9.2 (Updated on 12/16/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Missing from previous changelog: Added IceMelt flag, to allow ice to melt
Bugfix: Blocks broken outside a lot didn't drop anything
Bugfix: Turning IceMelt flag on turned a couple others on as well
Bugfix: Elevators now work properly again
Bugfix: Birch and spruce slabs had their data values swapped
Bugfix: Villagers didn't retain their trades when caught with a fishing rod
Bugfix: Fixed bug stopping everyone from logging in if one person didn't login correctly

Changes for IDP 6.9.0 (Updated on 12/15/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- New flag LockInput prevents players from messing with your buttons if not
  allowed to your lot
- Slightly different message when setting a flag on a lot
- Red/Green prefixes are removed. Sorry guys, it's just too confusing
- Tripwire tripwire hook, and chests added to LoS exception
- Added command /deletehome to delete a home
- Fort world gone
Bugfix: Elevators didn't work right
Bugfix: In some situations, air slots prevented more items from filling up
        a container as they could
Bugfix: Wolves collars didn't stay the same when teleporting
Bugfix: Fixed a block dupe glitch
Bugfix: Requests were not timing out
Bugfix: item frames are no longer destroyed by the environment except from Destruction flag
Bugfix: When setting leaves with TinyWE, they ended up decaying

Changes for IDP 6.8.1 (Updated on 12/8/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Virtual block data wasn't cleared right

Changes for IDP 6.8.0 (Updated on 12/8/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- IdpDomination Changes:
  - Players can't teleport around
  - Lets ensure we don't return armour to Ninjas when they go invisible again.
  - Lets tell Ninjas when they are no longer invisible.
- Iron golems, snow golems, and bats may be caught with the fishing rod
- Max blocks between elevators set to 50 from 20
- /craft can't be used in freebuild anymore
- Added missing mobs to NoMonster flag: Wither and Witch
- Added polls!
Bugfix: Lighting up a mob spawner breaks it when walking away, so this is disabled
Bugfix: You can now TinyWE heads properly
Bugfix: Fixed a misleading message when using /gtl to a lot that doesn't exist
Bugfix: TinyWEing heads now works correctly
Bugfix: Players weren't getting their prefix cleared when leaving a CTF game
Bugfix: Iron golems, bats, and squids weren't protected by the Farm flag
Bugfix: /stats on invalid user showed their stats anyway
Bugfix: You no longer get set on fire if on a NoDamage lot
Bugfix: Virtual blocks could be broken by anyone, even if they didn't have build rights
Bugfix: TinyWEing redstone returns the correct item
Bugfix: You can no longer TinyWE pistons (before, it would disappear if you tried)

Changes for IDP 6.7.0 (Updated on 11/27/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- CTF was migrated over to new game system
  - Flags now Taller
  - Flag made from netherbrick fences now.
  - Different weapons available
  - Flag holder now has slowness effect.
  - General interface improved.
- Domination had classes added
- /clearcaughtanimals is now /clearcaughtentitie
Bugfix: General Domination bugs fixed.
Bugfix: Players could interact with item frames not on their lot.

Changes for IDP 6.6.1 (Updated on 11/23/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Domination capture points now flash!
Bugfix: Goldy's couldn't use /tpr
Bugfix: Players didn't correctly leave spleef games.
Bugfix: Spelling corrections.

Changes for IDP 6.6.0 (Updated on 11/23/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Wolf collars can only be recoloured by owner
- Sheeps can't be recoloured by not allowed players
- Added 'RestrictMinecart' lotflag (this will prevent placing or breaking minecarts)
- Added Bounce flag that makes beds bouncy
Bugfixes: Enderpearls will not give you PVP points when you die
Bugfixes: Enderpearls cannot be used to teleport to lots your banned on
Bugfixes: Football blocks wont remove pistons anymore
Bugfixes: Disabling flymode wont teleport you to the top of the world anymore
Bugfixes: Fix bugs that caused errors in teleport requests
Bugfixes: Villagers wont lose profession when transported
Bugfixes: Local chat is gray again
Bugfixes: Domination gets damage right
Bugfixes: Domination now supports bows
Bugfixes: Domination has spawn protection
Bugfixes: Domination allows ender pearls to be used

Changes for IDP 6.5.3 (Updated on 11/20/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Some minor changes
Bugfix: cmdinfo show usage again
Bugfix: backpacks drop items on death

Changes for IDP 6.5.2 (Updated on 11/16/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- twresize has optional -face parameter
Bugfix: some bugs in Domination gamemode
Bugfix: some bugs in Spleef gamemode
Bugfix: Lit blocks won't mess up rotated blocks

Changes for IDP 6.5.1 (Updated on 11/16/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Update to Minecraft 1.4.5 pre-release! (first time we did that!)

Changes for IDP 6.5.0 (Updated on 11/14/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Update to Minecraft 1.4.4!
New game: Domination. More info will come later!
Silk Touch was enabled, and raw drop from vote points feature removed!
- When selling items not in the shop, or don't have a pre-defined value, you
  get 1 vT every 8 of that block sold
- The shop will output sale info if you sold any items in the sell shop, otherwise
  it will only output any possible count of items that reached max stock
  while being sold, or that were out of stock
- This version was never final, as there was a bug that caused players to
  crash when warping to certain coordinates. It's since been fixed

Changes for IDP 6.4.3 (Updated on 11/11/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Some settings set down to User in /toggle (votehealthpoints and rawdrops)
Bugfix: Fixed some more NPE bugs
Bugfix: A very nasty bug resulting in a server crash on player death is fixed

Changes for IDP 6.4.2 (Updated on 11/11/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Hunger feature was set to Super VIP, it's now back to Goldy
Bugfix: Various NPE exceptions

Changes for IDP 6.4.1 (Updated on 11/11/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Fix for players unable to pickup items

Changes for IDP 6.4.0 (Updated on 11/11/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Change in toggle command structure! See this topic for more info
- Steve heads may now become player heads! (talk to an admin if you have one)
- There's something quite powerful going on, and even admins are afraid of it!
- New chest flags:
  - Filter: Chest will only absorb items already in the chest
  - absorb_current: When an item is absorbed, a current is created below the chest
  - interact_current: When a chest is opened, a current is created below the chest
- New lot flags:
  - CreativeWater: Lets water have the behavior of old creative
- Slimes give 2 vT instead of 6, because they're more common now
- Item will be absorbed by at least one absorb chest in the area (if possible)
- Bookcases can be pushed with a piston if they are empty
- Item Absorb should be instant now
- Bats can now be caught with the fishing rod
- Players cannot change direction of item inside item frame, if not allowed
- Bats and witches can now give vT on death
- You can't get out of the end as easily now
Bugfix: Absorb chests no longer try to absorb items when full
Bugfix: Closing a chest in freebuild caused an Internal Server Error
Bugfix: TNT couldn't set other TNT off
Bugfix: Can no longer teleport to invalid location
Bugfix: accepting an invitation failed if an existing one involved a player not online anymore
Bugfix: IDP failed to load all IPBans
Bugfix: Freebuild spawn could get griefed
Bugfix: Ender chests didn't properly work

Changes for IDP 6.3.0 (Updated on 11/2/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Update to Minecraft 1.4.2!
- Dragon eggs now obtainable
- Chat filter code improvement (about twice as fast as previous implementation)
Bugfix: PvP was always on in freebuild
Bugfix: An error occured when trying to use a portal with an unknown warp
Bugfix: red's prefix color didn't have the string equivalent, just the code c

Changes for IDP 6.2.0 (Updated on 10/24/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Two uses for vote points!
  - VIP+ may have their health restored on death for:
    - VIP / Super VIP: 5 vote points
    - Goldy: 3 vote points
  - Toggle this with /togglehealthpoints (/thp)
  - Players may acquire raw drops from blocks for:
    - Guest / User: 3 vote points
    - VIP / Super VIP: 2 vote points
    - Goldy: 1 vote point
    - Toggle this with /togglerawdrops (/trd)

- Iron bars added to LoS exception
- Goldys can TinyWE using water
- 100,000 vT reward for killing the ender dragon
  - It now drops 2 dragon eggs
- /tpr changes:
  - User/VIP costs 3 gunpowder
  - Super VIP costs 2 gunpowder
  - Goldy costs 0 gunpowder
- New command: /twcount counts blocks in your selection
- New moderator flag: NoEnchantments = kicks users out of the lot with enchanted items
- /sendmoney alias: send
- Goldys may now set the color of their prefix by using a color name instead of just a code
  Example: /setprefix 'I am awesome' -c lightblue
- New users receive in addition: 1 stone sword and 4 cooked chicken
Bugfix: A bug where the shop was reset to max stock on every restart is fixed
Bugfix: It was possible to spam a user using the /msg command
Bugfix: If an item's price was modified, it was not saved to database
Bugfix: Duplicate channel join/leave messages were being shown
Bugfix: Reply to server caused a bug
Bugfix: Guests should spawn in the town now
Bugfix: Waypoints could not be targetted with /allow or /deny
Bugfix: Fixed a longstanding bug where new users didn't receive items
Bugfix: Fixed a bug where the winning team in CTF acquired either a diamond or
        leather helmet in their main inventory after winning in a point limited game

Changes for IDP 6.1.1 (Updated on 10/12/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Lost update (version went up to 6.1.1 on accident, this is the actual update)
- Players may submit staff requests with the following commad: /staffrequest
- Ender pearls shifted down to VIP from Goldy
Bugfix: Certain commands / features were broken and resulted in either "Internal Server Error" or they did not work
Bugfix: Torchlights were broken, and only turned on when you wielded a light source

Changes for IDP 6.1.1 (Updated on 9/10/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Shop wasn't behaving properly

Changes for IDP 6.1.0 (Updated on 9/10/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- /msg (w, whisper, tell, m) now accepts multiple usernames (/msg alphablend,hretsam come here guys!)
- Shop changes:
  - Items will not be sold to the shop past stock
  - Items attempting to be sold past stock will be returned to you
  - As more items are in the shop, their price decreases
  - Prices for damaged items are scaled based on percentage of damage
- Absorb chests can now absorb natural items (items moved by water may be absorbed as well)
- Better output in /wholot
- Another performance change in an event that gets called often
- All prefix colors with the exception of black are allowed now
- Players can no longer send messages to other players if they're ignored by those players
- Spam protection removed
- New command for guests: /emptybucket = empties a bucket
- Names are colorized when joining channels
- Lot members may start CTF games
Bugfix: It was possible to cheat the /tpr command to get away without any sulphur lost
Bugfix: Typing /warp -list caused an error
Bugfix: Fixed a CTF bug
Bugfix: Players didn't get kicked for some infractions
Bugfix: Fix for bonemeal!

Changes for IDP 6.0.2 (Updated on 9/25/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Throwing items in ender portals will cause them to disappear
- Falling mobs in ender portals will die
- Players jumping int.....
- Removed the end
Bugfix: fixed error that prevented teleporting with tamed animals
Bugfix: warps can be deleted again
Bugfix: mod warning work again
Bugfix: warps show correctly again

Changes for IDP 6.0.1 (Updated on 9/23/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Performance bug fixed
- CTF flag carrier can sprint
- CTF notifies who scores
- Minor bugfixes

Changes for IDP 6.0.0 (Updated on 9/22/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Torch lights have returned, but with different behavior!
- We have another secret, try to find it! Wheat is very tasty!
- When a banned user on the whitelist joins, everyone is notified
- Mods may toggle whether players request to tp to them with /togglerequests (/tr)
- BanHandler has been modified heavily. IP bans should be tracked better now.
- Giants can rarely spawn in fort world (drop 0-2 gunpowder)
- Can't destroy some stuff in fort world
- More spam prevention added
- Dave is angered a lot easier now (he hates swear words!)
- Players are penalized when logging out while in PvP
- Items shot out of dispensers no longer cause lightning when their items hit a portal
  unless a player stands next to it
- New flags:
  - NoLightning: Prevents lightning from striking when throwing an item in a portal
  - Bounce (admin): Allows you to make a [bounce] sign that bounces you in the air (1-10 intensity)
  - InfiniteDispenser (admin): Dispensers don't deplete their items when dispensing them
- The ZombieAttack flag is now part of the Destruction flag
- Ladders and vines are dropped in fort world if player can build
- Performance enhancements
  - Reduced calls to expensive methods
  - Flattend down system code
  - Relocated heavy used variables to better locations
- Players' permissions can now be disabled (don't abuse, you won't lose!)
- /top takes moderators to the next level block
- Mod rank obeys direct name lotbans (% doesn't affect them)
- Players can now change the case of their name with /setchatname
- Nether fence gates are now fixed!
- Moderators may now use the clock to teleport, on all worlds
- Ender pearls work without restriction in both reszone and freebuild
- CTF changes:
  - Added swords to CTF
  - Added bows to CTF
  - Added blocking to CTF
  - Messages easier to read
  - When a game wins, the winner is announced, or a tie
Bugfix: Fixed some text display problems in some messages
Bugfix: When selling to a shop, vT gained from blocks/items not in the shop wasn't working at all
Bugfix: Fixed a bad dupe bug
Bugfix: Lotkick messages fixed
Bugfix: It was possible to teleport to a lot with % banned
Bugfix: Trying to stash an unknown material in a stash chest caused an error
Bugfix: You couldn't /setprefix with uppercase characters
Bugfix: Warping to bed location in freebuild/fortworld wasn't working properly
Bugfix: Hitting a mob while sitting on it will eject, and do normal damage
Bugfix: Sometimes you got a vanilla chat style message, and @ bugged out (this might be fixed)
Bugfix: Farm flag did not prevent environmental damage for animals / NPCs
Bugfix: Goldys couldn't use TinyWE on lots with % allowed
Bugfix: Players couldn't use elevators in others' forts
Bugfix: The sonic rainboom was creating real blocks
Bugfix: Waypoint permission was wrong, on trying to break it
Bugfix: Yaw wasn't loaded nor saved properly for waypoints
Bugfix: Logging into a lot you were banned from now fixed
Bugfix: Fixed an error while using invalid material on a sign
Bugfix: /sethelmet consumed a whole stack if used on an item with an amount greater than 1
Bugfix: PvP LoS removed, because it was too buggy
Bugfix: /twsize command may have been freezing the server. Now you can't check past a certain size

Changes for IDP 5.9.2 (Updated on 8/27/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Commands didn't work right

Changes for IDP 5.9.1 (Updated on 8/26/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- We have updated to Minecraft 1.3.2!
- /ignore now persists between server restarts!
- Admin flag NoMobLoot prevents mobs from dropping experience / items
- New flag: NoMobCarts, when set, makes mobs disappear for a few while a minecart passes through them
- You can't talk in chat channels if you're muted
- If you run out of the item in hand, IDP will swap an existing block in your inventory with your hand
Bugfix: Join Ban wasn't adding time properly when the user joined with it enabled
Bugfix: Join Banned players kept getting reset when the server restarted
Bugfix: PvP bug is fixed!
Bugfix: Bridges got fixed!
Bugfix: TinyWEing leaves has been fixed!
Bugfix: /sethelmet command was bugged

Changes for IDP 5.9.0 (Updated on 8/22/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- You can now store books inside of bookcases!
- Book text is now saved outside of a chest!
- Goldys now have a backpack! Type /backpack to access (you lose the contents when you die)
- When players are kicked/banned from lots, their last location is lost
- Players kicked/banned from lots are told who kicked/banned them
- Capturing mobs was restricted to users and up, now it's guests+
- Mobs may be dropped off in areas that aren't lots
- /who can detect if you spelled a world wrong (/who freebiuld)
- You can claim forts in fort world with a command
- Fortworld and Oldworld added to /who command
- You can break some blocks anywhere in fort world
- Upside down half-slabs and double half-slabs can now be TinyWE'd
- VIP+ can now select a region
- Effects didn't carry over properly when switching to or from fort world
- Pages added to fort list command
- Sidelog support for TinyWE
- Forts regenerate on disband
- Warping doesn't care about case
- Elevators no longer give PvP immunity
- New commands:
  - /statistics [player] = Get statistics on a user
  - /sethelmet = sets a helmet of a player
  - /shop = various shop commands
- The shop system got a major overhaul, and new interaction handling!
- Giants aren't the only huge mobs plaguing innectis anymore!
- PvPing players adheres to line of sight
- Guests/Users receive VIP notice if their play time is less than 2 hours
- Crafting a book with a written book copies it
- Dispensers can no longer dispense water/lava outside of a lot
- When you warp to freebuild, you go to your bed, or spawn, if not found
- When you die in freebuild, you go to your freebuild bed, or freebuild spawn if bed not found
- When you die in fort world, you go to fortworld spawn
- Bottle o' Enchanting may be picked up by guest+
- Blazes spawn naturally, so they can give vT again
- Auch! re-added on failure to PvP another player
Bugfix: Capturing mobs with the fishing rod was broken
Bugfix: You couldn't TinyWE pumpkins/melon/vines
Bugfix: Dupe bug fix
Bugfix: /lotkick % kicked the lot owner as well

Changes for IDP 5.8.4 (Updated on 8/14/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- TinyWE give emeralds instead of ore
- Emote colours changed
- PVP timeout to 30 seconds
- Added global muting

Changes for IDP 5.8.3 (Updated on 8/11/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- You can now breathe underwater with gold armor again!
- Death messages are toggleable per player
- Hunger is forced on in freebuild
- Fire can now be placed anywhere in freebuild
- No restrictions on chests, containers, and interactable blocks
- Effects are now removed on leaving fort world
- Ender Pearls are unrestricted in fort world
- Fire is unrestricted in fort world
- TNT can be placed anywhere in fort world and ignites immediately after placement
- More fort additions
Bugfix: Ender chests can now be broken again (couldn't do it if by left-clicking)
Bugfix: World edit was not blocked in fortworld
Bugfix: pvp points are now fixed
Bugfix: Fixed teleporting to other people's forts
Bugfix: Claiming forts now requires VIP+
Bugfix: Chatbug no longer resorts to white MC chat

Changes for IDP 5.8.2 (Updated on 8/11/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Fixed usage string bug
- Fixed pvp-bug where no points where given if other player's inventory was empty
- Fixed staff not dropping items in fortworld
- Fixed bug where inventory of Eventworld and Fortworld where the same
- Fixed Obby price fortworld exchange
- Added items to fortworld exchange
- Added Leather Armourset
  - Added Iron Armourset
  - Added Bone
  - Added Grass
  - Removed Stonebrick (can be crafted from stone)
- Made items group in fortworld exchange
- Ender Chests now have different inventory in Mainworld & Freebuild
- Ender chests are disabled on Fortworld, Eventworld & Creative.

Changes for IDP 5.8.1 (Updated on 8/10/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: Server lag issues
Bugfix: Double login bug

Changes for IDP 5.8.0 (Updated on 8/10/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Updated to Minecraft 1.3.1!
- New Shop System Added! (The old shop system has been removed to make way!)
- Added Fort World (finally!)
- Added command /wholot to show which users are on a lot
- Readded death messages
- Freebuild has no access checks -> unrestricted
- New command for moderators and above (/randomlot)
- Players are now healed when CTF round resets
- Lot owners can now teleport to their lot with NoTeleport flag
- Lot banning % now kicks everyone on the lot
- Users are now automatically removed from members list when banned
- Moderators can now remove lots without request that are over 120 days old
- Grass now spreads across lots with the FreeFlow flag
- Iron doors now make a sound when opened/closed
- Removed broadcast of weather changing command
- Improved the chat filter a bit
- Added auto kick/ban settings for bad talk in chat
Bugfix: Iron Golems can now be created again!
Bugfix: JoinBan is fixed
Bugfix: Lot spawns no longer blocked by chests
Bugfix: Bridges now work properly with fire
Bugfix: Vines no longer obstruct line of sight
Bugfix: /assignlot works properly in all cases

Changes for IDP 5.7.4 (Updated on 7/27/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

Bugfix: It was possible to acquire custom inventory items in your main inventory

Changes for IDP 5.7.3 (Updated on 7/22/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- There is a bonus with a gold item, but that is for you to find out!
- New command: /wholot, shows who is on the lot you're standing on
- Moderators can now easily create CTF arenas with /ctf -createarena (-ca) on a lot!
- CTF game creators can reset the round by doing /ctf -resetround (-rr)
- CTF game creators may now get game broadcasts, even if they aren't in the game
Bugfix: Homes didn't work properly at all
Bugfix: IDP won't let you create two homes in the same spot
Bugfix: Players were sometimes getting stuck in blocks while teleporting
Bugfix: Fixed a duplication bug
Bugfix: NPE on TinyWEing certain blocks

Changes for IDP 5.7.2 (Updated on 7/16/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- New flag: NoHunger, where hunger does not deplete on the lot
- Admin /fc command works on dispensers as well
Bugfix: Buying items like iron from a shop chest couldn't be used to craft new items
Bugfix: /locate returned usage text when it doesn't require a single argument
Bugfix: Explosions in reszone could damage unprotected lots
Bugfix: Fixed a bad glitch allowing anyone to gain any amount of vT they wanted
Bugfix: Incorrect permission for the moderator kick baton

Changes for IDP 5.7.1 (Updated on 7/15/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- Votifier implementation has been fixed in IDP! Start voting here!
- Chest Shops can now buy items! See the sign shops tutorial for more info!
- Vaultas are hereby known as Valutas
- Enderman may pick up / place blocks on Destruction lots
- Added a bank for valutas! (/bank -deposit (-d) amount, or /bank -withdraw (-w) amount)
- More clarification on mod teleport player to player command
- Staff may use the stick to kick players on lots to spawn
- All explosions are unchecked in reszone
- All entity block changes are unchecked in reszone
- Replaced the @ chest member with a new flag, LotMemberChest
Bugfix: Caught entities were not transferred with /transfercaughtentities properly
Bugfix: Iron door block couldn't be placed by users
Bugfix: Entering the /home command without homes caused an error
Bugfix: Aether chunk generator fixed (the ends of the already-generated world looked messed up)
Bugfix: Usage text showed up where it shouldn't
Bugfix: A minor lot creation bug fixed
Bugfix: Potentially fixed a bug in CTF

Changes for IDP 5.7.0 (Updated on 7/7/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- New crafting recipes!
  - Wood door block -> 6 planks
  - Iron Door Item -> Iron Door Block -> 6 iron ingots
  - Bucket -> 3 iron ingots

- Updated CraftBukkit (fixed a crash bug in certain cases)
- Mods and up may now mute players for a certain time (Ex. /mute bob -t 5m)
- You now leave vehicles, or eject your passenger, when falling into the void
- Fishing rod can now catch Squid
- Guests and users are given a periodic notice of our server rules forum topic
Bugfix: Mob spawning has been fixed! (Affected tamed animals teleporting, and the fishing pole)
Bugfix: Incorrect usage text for a command
Bugfix: You can no longer make snow golems with bridges
Bugfix: Homes couldn't be created if a player didn't have any
Bugfix: Certain chat messages were causing mass amount of asterisks to be shown for non staff
Bugfix: Another fix for messages not showing up
Bugfix: Fixed a lot creation bug that could crash IDP
Bugfix: Captured mobs now retain their characteristics (babies stay babies, sheep color doesn't change)
Bugfix: Join ban wasn't banning players when the ban switched to active
Bugfix: Blocks couldn't be broken while holding a sign
Bugfix: Mail read state wasn't getting updated between server restarts
Bugfix: You could place a block while using an elevator
Bugfix: Fixed a TinyWE dupe bug

Changes for IDP 5.6.1 (Updated on 6/28/2012) [Back to Top] [Permalink]

- A new game type has been created: Capture The Flag! See this topic!
- VIPs and up may now set a name to their home! Just use /sethome 1 [-name ] to set!
- All enchantment restrictions have been dropped except silk touch and infinite arrows!
- []s are no longer filtered in chat. A server rule has replaced them
- You must own the chest you are placing a sign shop sign above
- Mods: You may now use the resetlot command again!
- Some names for the shop system were shortened since they couldn't be shown in full
- Ice bridges!
- New command: /homelist (alias /listhomes) to show you all the homes you have
- Blindness flag now VIP+
- Bans can now take effect the next time a user joins. Mod+: Use the -joinban (-jb) switch in the ban command
- Mall disc has been changed to Mal disc
New flag: NoWE. Stops TinyWE on lots.
New flag: NoJump. Prevents the player from jumping while on the lot.
Bugfix: It was possible to move blocks out of lots with pistons
Bugfix: Sonic rainboom no longer damages blocks!
Bugfix: Signs could be duplicated when being edited
Bugfix: It was not possible to harvest snow from snow golem trails
Bugfix: You can no longer damage animals on farm lots with splash potions
Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could crash the server. Perhaps this caused our crashes!
Bugfix: It was not possible to obtain valutas by setting mobs on fire with fire enchantments
Bugfix: Bridges did not ignore water/lava blocks when activated
Bugfix: Wooden doors couldn't be destroyed. As a result, left-clicking only opens the door
        you click, not both (this can be accomplished by right-clicking)
Bugfix: Spawning red wool gave you redwood instead
Bugfix: Regen commands dont spam as much
Bugfix: Fixed issue where the IDP sometimes forgot the correct case of your name