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Author Topic: Status Report 11/30/2016  (Read 860 times)


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Status Report 11/30/2016
« on: December 01, 2016, 12:50:41 AM »
Time for another status report! It has been awhile since the last status report, so let's just get on with the important changes!

New Changelog System

We switched from the forum topic changelog into a broader system that allows even better tracking on new versions. I went ahead and corrected some mistakes from the original changelog, but did a lot more with the new changelog system.The highlights include:

  • Separate HTML page that lists all versions that have changes logged
  • Jumping between versions really easily, permalink gets the full URL of a specific version
  • RSS feed to keep track of new versions without having to check the forum
  • Update posts are automatically created on the forum when new versions come out
  • Update message when logging into the server that directs you to the latest version changes

This is the first part of the new changelog system. The other part involves comprehensive statistics on updates that might interest you. There is a version you can view here that is not the final version. As this statistic document is not final, nor is it official as that will come later, you can see some of the things that will go into the final version. This 2nd part of the changelog system will be released at a later time.

New Tutorial

The old tutorial has been replaced by a new one. This one is more condensed and gets to main points of the server more quickly. Guests no longer have to take a long time before completing the tutorial. Hopefully this should encourage more guests to stay on the server.

Official chat moved from Skype to Discord

The official chat that we had been using for years has switched from Skype to Discord. As many of you know, Discord is one of the most popular forms of communication when it comes to communities. With this service we are now able to take advantage of more features than what was possible with Skype. One thing that I love about Discord is its moderation, something we had poor use of on Skype. Another benefit is channels, where discussions are held where appropriate. Another feature I'd like to use eventually we can get through integrations.

You can connect to the discord at

Staff move to Slack

The staff have moved our main communication from Skype over to Slack. For those of you who don't know what Slack is, it's a communication tool meant for teams that operates much like Discord, with more features meant for teams. This will allow us to be more productive as it's also a channel-based tool, so we can have designated channels for various topics. There are of course other features that make it perfect for teams. For more information on slack see here.

Minecraft 1.11 Update

It took us only 6 days from when Mojang updated Minecraft to 1.11 until we were on 1.11 ourselves. It actually took us less than 3 days from the release of Minecraft 1.11 for Paper until our server was updated as well. As the official update is taken care of by Spigot, I would like to thank them for making the server much more stable before release. As always with Minecraft updates, I want to make sure the server is stable enough before updating Innectis to it. Fortunately, we had very minor hiccups, including the fishing rod behavior breaking, but that got fixed recently.

Stay tuned for future status updates!
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