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Author Topic: Status report 9/7/2016  (Read 747 times)


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Status report 9/7/2016
« on: September 07, 2016, 01:42:29 PM »
Alright guys, I have a bunch of stuff to report on the state of Innectis over the past month. No this isn't going to be a monthly thing, just whenever I have a bunch of topics to cover. It just so happened this came a month after the last one!

Anyways, I think this status report is one of the more important ones because it includes some staff decisions moving forward that were mentioned in the transparency letter but not yet covered.


Papyrus is new server software that came in the IDP 10.7.0 update. Built on the Paper Minecraft server, we are using software that has been built on performance. Paper itself builds on Spigot which is also optimized for performance.

SMF 2.1 Beta

I have set up a beta of SMF 2.1 found here: for you to sign up and get a feel for. Unfortunately SMF still hasn't released it despite it being in development for many years now.

State of the New Tutorial

The tutorial is moving along really well. Most of the stuff is there now, but it still needs to be tweaked around a bit before it will replace our current tutorial. It is much smaller and more straight and to the point than the other one. We'll have an announcement once it is finished and ready for guests, and you alike to check it out!

Gitstats Report

I released a gitstats report a few weeks ago detailing the development that has gone into the IDP the last 5 years. It's more geared towards developers but hopefully makes some sense to non-developers. It is the most comprehensive report released on the contributions made to the IDP.


This week I created this initiative to allow the community to help build ideas for future features of the server. I feel that people should be able to collaborate together to come up with ideas as we did not have many ways the community could help out before. This follows my vision of having the community feel more valued when it comes to what they can do.

Staff Decisions Moving Forward

While I have not opted for a community manager I have decided to move the staff team over to Slack for making the team more fluid and efficient. This tool has everything we need and more. Big companies like NASA use this tool to keep in fluid communication with each other so I figure, "Why not us?".

Special thanks to Almirith for suggesting this and Jailout2000 for demoing the tool for me. This is the most significant move I've made to keep the staff more organized and working together. If any of you are looking to collaborate in a team I highly suggest this tool.

Alright that's it for now guys.
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