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Requesting a script
« on: November 07, 2008, 08:04:09 AM »
It has come to my attention that we do not have a tutorial for this, so...

To those of you who would like to request a script, and post to do so. Please use as much detail as possible without comparing it to another script, unless it is posted on this site or you describe the other script! Please include which bot it is being made for (as Stealthbot, Foolops, or Fail Bot (In the works), Stealth Bot and Fool Ops all have scripting systems), what the script does or is supposed to do, commands and their required access/flags for each command.

Quote from: Good script request
Hello everyone. I would like to request a script that I can use for my stealth bot when it has ops. This script basically warns people (not ban or kick like phrase bans or phrase kicks) and after 4 warnings (I would like to be able to change this), they are banned on the next offense. Also, this script should be able top automatically open and close my clan channel (like the Auto Close plugin), and also it should have a flood detection in it so that it can auto private the channel. Also, users with a certain amount of access should not be affected.

*Auto Close opens the channel and closes the channel at certain times of the day.*

Access 150
.SafeAccess <New Safe Access>
Changes the safe access.  (Whispered)
.PWA [New Warn Amount]
If argument: Deletes existing warn database or text file and makes a new one. Also sets max warn amount to another value. VALUE
If no argument: Displays current warn ban setting.
.TimeOpen [NewTime]
Changes the time clan channel opens (Cannot be set higher then TimeClose)
.TimeClose [NewTime]
Changes the time clan channel closes (Cannot be set lower then TimeOpen)
Access 100
.PWarns [Name]
If user has 100, they can check others phrase warn count. (Whispered)
Access 70
Adds a word or phrase to the Phrase Warn list
Removes a word or phrase to the Phrase Warn list
Access 20
List the USERS current warn amount (Whispered)
Shows a list of Phrase Warned words

My reply to this would be: Hey there 'NAME.' Part of your request has already been scripted in (Link)Auto Close and in (Link)ACFD. As for the Phrasewarn, that, I believe can be achieved by modifying a pre-existing script (PhraseKick). However, you are requesting commands to be scripted. This takes time and testing and I will not promise that I can have it out in a certain time.

Edit: Here is the script... (This is an example, not an actual request)

To all of the people who script: If you do not know what the hell your are scripting or how to do it, ask for help on it! If you "Promise" to script something, fulfill it and make sure you reply that you are working on it. Otherwise, do not say you are going to it. Also, all scripts should be tested before posting. If they are not, please put the following Above the script's code: This script is UNTESTED.

Any help on orginization and things I forgot (or better examples that are not at another member's expense) would be appreciated!


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