Author Topic: REQUEST: DOTA Clan IH System (different!)  (Read 953 times)


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REQUEST: DOTA Clan IH System (different!)
« on: February 12, 2009, 02:19:39 PM »
I've been looking around for a tutorial for scripting for stealthbot with no success.
I know some basic C programming but do not know the vb commands nor the stealthbot commands.
Is there someone who is willing to guide me through the process of making a script for my clan?
I looked at the HL plug-in but did not understand the whole file system process.

Here is what I am hoping for:

A players.txt file that records 'player name' 'games' 'exp/points'
A hosts.txt file that contains the player names of people who are allowed to .gamestart
A temp game.txt file that contains game information
.hostadd (to add ppl to hosts.txt file)
.hostdel (to remove ppl from hosts.txt file)
.gamestart (enables people to type /me to join game)

/me (joins games)
.gameout (removed from game list)
.gameban (kicks+bans a player from gamestart)
.gameunban (unbans a player from gamestart)

.gameconfirm (stops the above commads)
.team1 (for a player to state that they are on team 1)
.team2 (for a player to state that they are on team 2)

.end1/2 (to notify bot that team 1/2 won)
.end (to notify a tie)
.abort (to cancel game)

.statsme (report points/exp and # of games)
.gamereset (to reset the point system and (re)create the the players.txt)

For this system
only players with access will be able to join game
only 1 game can occur at any given time
the point/exp works like this
+10 exp for playing a game
+5 exp for winning a game
+3 to +9 for mvp (vote system)
-3 to -9 for bad players (vote system)

I know this is somewhat similar to the HL system but I want it to be for ppl who are given access.
So if anyone has read through the above and is slightly interested please reply.
I am definately willing to pay to learn.
I do know how computer language works so I have the whole system planned out already just need some help putting it into the bot langauge.

Thanks A Whole Bunch to anyone whos willing to help


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REQUEST: DOTA Clan IH System (different!)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 05:11:29 AM »
I could help you. Do you know any VBScript?

HL uses a Jet database, or MDB file to store data. This is much more efficient and easy then many text files - they are hard to parse / update. So do you know any SQL?

HL is a very messy code, but it works. I coded HL when I was just a beginner.
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